Friday 22 March 2013

Another Indian.

Actually I've done this fellow before, an Apsorake Indian called Bull Goes Hunting. I know little about him nor could I find out anything.

16" x 12" Waterford 140lb (300gsm) Not

I  messed this painting up by overworking the hair and  almost binned it. That's where it will probably end up in any case but I was originally pleased with the face, so decided to try a `rescue'. This involved washing out much of the colour in the hair. I then let it dry and put in a few darks framing the face. It still isn't as I would have really liked it but enough is enough!.

The main difference in this painting was the use of the Schminke Translucent Brown (PBr41) to try and get a more authentic skin colour, something my friend Hap regularly pulls me up about. This was mixed with Cadmium Red Light and Yellow Ochre, plus Cerulean, in various proportions. There are probably small touches of other colours but I've forgotten which. Some Acrylic white was added at the end for highlights.

My usual brushes all Isabey except the Da Vinci Artissimo 44 No2.

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