Thursday 24 December 2020

Happy Xmas and a Much Better New Year!


To all my friends, followers and all the visitors to my blog may I wish you all a Happy Xmas - and hope you can put aside what  has happened in 2020., at least temporarily.

Wednesday 16 December 2020

New Schminke Watercolours

 Schminke, spurred on no doubt by Daniel Smith, have increased their range even further and now offer 150 plus paints. The latest are 15 granulating paints. These are called 'Galaxy, Glacier,  Deep Sea, Forest and Tundra. This isn't a comprehensive review as I haven't tried these paints and at £13.80 for a 15ml  tube - the only size available - it costs over £200 for the full set! As one of the  leaders of the campaign against extortionate watercolour prices I wouldn't would I but apparently enough do to justify them. These paints are all of two or more pigments. Many - not all - are fairly basic pigments with  various blacks in many and also Ultramarine Blue. This is described as a 'limited edition' which always seems to be the excuse for increasing the prices. I haven't given all the names as I became confused  (83 next week 😄) when trying to sort them out and not wanting to print misinformation so suggest , if you are interested and they do look interesting, go to Jacksons art blog. There is a good article profusely illustrated by a Russian artist called Anna Zadorozhnaya.  It's an excellent piece but a caveat - she is a 'Schminke ambassador' -and is effusive in her praise. I think Schminke are one of the best ranges of watercolour paints but again are now very pricey. I might be tempted at some stage with one or two. The swatches on the art blog are much larger and give a better impression of the paints. I like the look of some but not all.

Glacier Black

Galaxy Green


Galaxy Pink

Glacier Blue

Glacier Turquoise

Glacier Green

Glacier Brown
Some of the ones immediately above have a pronounced pattern I find odd.

According to the art blog the previously introduced 'Dusk' series, again higher priced, have been so successful these further series have been developed.



Thursday 10 December 2020

Pearlescent Watercolours

And still they come.

This is the latest I've come across. They appear to emanate from Germany  and apparently are available from Blick in America. I don't know of any UK source yet. Any further information welcomed.

Added 12/12/20 :I have now discovered Jacksons sell them - apparently 57 colours - individually and various sets. The pans are £4.20 each. The company is Finetec Coliro and there is an excellent demonstration on the Jacksons art blog by Tegan Hager-Suart on black watercolour paper.

Sunday 6 December 2020

Honeybee Pigments

 I came across this company - basically a one-woman business I think - selling an interesting  selection of watercolours under the name of "Honeybee Pigments. Apart from the 'majors' there has been a trend in recent years for  small businesses to start up selling what are often referred too as 'Artisan Watercolours' meaning basically that they are hand-made. Perhaps a business that breaches thie gap between them and the majors in Roman Szmal in Poland, although he may be on the verge of expansion with a large range already.

There is a lot of information on the website together with a large number (37) of effusive reviews, mainly it seems by lady artists. The paints are named in an unusual way - 'Samantha, Lavender Violet,  Rose Gold, etc- as well as more orthodox descriptions. They are only available in half pans which vary considerably in price from £4.99 (Samantha) to Lavender Violet £2.50 plus (?) with others Rose Gold £5.50 and light Purple £4.95.

Half pans are better for those who paint quite small and perhaps that's where they are aimed but this is an assumption on my part.

There are some intriguing colours without a doubt but  very expensive compared with even the majors.

If interested "Google" "Honeybee Pigments and links to the site will come up. They are sold on 'Etsy".

They do look intriguing!

Tuesday 1 December 2020

Watercolour Paintings 73

Here are Decembers batch. An extra helping as it is my birthday month. Some superlative paintings and again showing the versatility of watercolour. Once again any corrections to artists names please advise.

Alex Powers

I think this includes other mediums but what a fabulous painting.

Anna  Maccejewska

Isabella Seagull (??)

Robin Berry

Anil Hariharno

Hong Leung

Isabella Seagull (???)

Aud Rye

Annette Smith

I can clearly see the Charles Reid influence.

Chien Chung Wei

Lisa Wang

Aood  Ampawg

Luan Quack

Vickie Nelson

Aood Ampawa

Nina Latushko (?)

Jan Min

Chin Lim

Edo Hannema

Manuel Jiminez

Jonathan Kwegyir Aggrey

Rainbow Tse


Stephie Butler

This is a mix of watercolour and liquid charcoal.

Herman Pekel

What a panorama!

Friday 27 November 2020

Latest Paintings

Here are my latest all 16" x 12" or 15" x 11"

"Bongo Antelope"

"Lord of the Rings"

This is Nitram liquid watercolour.


"Winter Berries"
This was for my Avon valley Artists weekly online subject

"Amerindian Woman"