Tuesday 19 May 2020

Most Recent Paintings

Here are my latest over the last week or two. I have scrapped a number! All 16" x 12"unless otherwise stated.

Hares seem a very popular subject at the moment, both paintings and figurines. There are some very interesting paintings around , mostly by female artists, which inspired me to try my own.  I'm no sexist!

This is another, in this case,  inspired by the American artist Bev Jozwiak who does lots of Jackdaw paintings, and very good they are, in-fact sensationally good.

"Big Boy"


"Where are my wives"

I've actually discarded this one.

Latest Big cat.

Another Bird 12" x 9"



"Mountain Man'

Monday 11 May 2020

Sennelier Watercolours from Great Art

This is too good to miss!

Great Art have a very good offer on Sennelier watercolours. This is 25% off and brings the prices to an affordable level, much cheaper than current Daniel Smith and Winsor & Newton  for example - and most other leading makes. Great Art have a minimum purchase of I think £39.95p to get free delivery. You just need to check by 'googling "Great Art" and it will appear. Sennelier have pans and half pans and also 10ml and 21ml tubes. I'm very tempted!

Friday 1 May 2020

Watercolour Paintings 66

Here are the latest batch for May. With the dreadful state the World is in with the Covid-19 pandemic:  the UK in a terrible situation. Arguably  the pandemic has been badly handled  in the UK, and this applies to some others, while countries like New Zealand, Greece  and South Korea, to name just three have shown the rest of us up. I normally avoid politics on here but things are too serious to be mealy mouthed. May I wish whoever reads this and their families are safe and best wishes for the future. I make the following proviso. I think all the paintings shown are watercolour but is is possible some aren't. Also I am having difficulty in finding some artists names as the sources I obtain them from don't say.  Any mistakes  are entirely my own fault and corrections welcome. I have posted a bumper lot to relieve the gloom (a little). Some wonderful artists,  great paintings and a wide variety of styles and subjects. The Wonderful World of Watercolour. Enjoy!

Alvaro Castagnet - Look at that red!

Natalie Graham

Jeanette Clark

Elke Memmler - Great colour.

Millind Mullick (?)

Charles Reid

Konstantin Sterkof

Lars eje Larsson

Gerard Hendriks

Dianne Wallace

Jem Bowden - Typical British  scene in the style of Wesson and Seago

Myint Naing

Annemiek Groenhout

Shari Blaukopf

Yuko Nagayama - enough said!

Morten E Solberg Snr

Fernando Pena

Bev Jozwiak

John Salminen

Tansu Ozmen

Fealing Lin

Celine Doderman

Darren Woodhead

Brenda Swenson

Charles Reid

Artist? ??

Karl Martens. You cannot tell from this but he paints very large

Lynne Parker

Michel Jasiewicz

Corneliu Dragan

Gerard Hendriks - enough said


Millind Mullick

Rae Andrews

Gerard Hendriks

To repeat again I'm slightly concerned I have all the artists correctly named. If anyone wishes or are able to correct me please do so. I welcome corrections.