Sunday 6 May 2012


As I've mentioned previously one of many artists I've become interested in is the Chinese artist Lian Qhan Zhen. Amongst his subject matter are animals and birds. I've just bought a DVD of his and also looked at some of the trailers on Youtube.  There are at least three on which he features. Last Thursday at my AVA group the subject was `animals or birds' so it gave me an opportunity to try a few things. I decided on a group of elephants.

My initial setup. The top left photograph is one of Lian's, which is illustrated on his website. 

Elephants - Lian Quan Zhen. (Fantastic - look at the colours!)

The initial drawing

So far so good (?)!

`Big Ears'- Fontenay 16" x 12" 140lb (300gm) Not

Not up to his standard or even approaching it but who is? I think there are things to be taken from his methods it's just a question of being able  - not easy - to do so. As you can see I went for colour using many that I've mentioned previously, Quin Gold, Cobalt Teal Blue, Quin Rust, Cerulean, Cobalt Violet etc. Lian  generally uses three or four! How about that.

Here are a few of the paintings from my fellow artists. I did not take so many on this occasion due to lack of time..

   Cath Wilkins - Watercolour Pencil

Jan Weeks

Helen Newman (actually pastel)

I've mentioned the DVD. I'll review it together with his Youtube videos in the near future.

As is usual at my AVA sessions I used a mixture of Escoda, Isabey and Rosemary retractables.  Escoda sizes 8, 10 and 12  Series 6212 Kolinsky, Isabey 4 & 6 Series 6201 and a Rosemary rigger. The Escoda and Isabey came from Jacksons and the Rosemary direct.