Friday 20 July 2018

Latest Works

Here are my latest paintings, mostly done at AVA Thursday sessions, although in some instances the drawings were completed the previous day in my home 'studio'. All are around 16" x 12" or A3 with some slightly smaller.

General George Crook - The Famous Indian Fighter

This is a modification of the painting posted on Facebook. I decided it was too plain so added the blue to his uniform.


This one of a Thrush was changed slightly as I felt I'd made the body too fat so added the dark colour Turquoise on the left over the original so reducing the body width. Possibly the blackish green Perylene Green (Schmincke) would have been better.

A Young Amerindian Woman

In this instance the guide photo, as they tend to be, was black and white. and the only discernible detail was that I've shown. The rest was dark so after looking at how a variety of artists treat portraits adopted a minimalist approach. I like it but many may not.

Bird & Blossoms.

This is actually smaller- about 12" x 9"


I liked the contrast between the dark of the birds and the white flowers.

'In a Rush'

This male Grebe was travelling at speed across the water and I tried to recreate this in the painting.

Monday 2 July 2018

Watercolour Paintings 44

Here are the latest batch of paintings for July. I have tried to mix them up a little more so hopefully there will br something for everyone. They are a mix of the famous and less well-known. I have included two from some artists.

Slawa Prischedko - What a wonderful artist as is his wife Viktoria. 

Tapan Roy

Sarah Yeomans

Heidi Lots

Bijay Biswaal

Michele Clamp

Another from Slawa Prischedko

Stephie Butler

Janet Rogers (?)

Gerard Hendriks

Alvaro Castagnet

Yuko Nagayama

Anne Blockley.

Ann, the daughter of the late John Blockley, has written several books and also produced videos so if you are attracted to her paintings  you can follow this up.

Stephie Butler  - What a delicate touch!


Aine Devine

This Scottish artist produces amazing work.
Shirley Trevena

Another from Shirley Trevena

Shirley, like Anne Blockley, a top British artist has written at least two books and also has videos so you can follow this up if you are interested. Fabulous work although very difficult to emulate.

Bev Jozwiak - An unusual subject for Bev but love this.

Dusan Djukaric

Carlos Leon Salazar

Robert Zangarelli


Another from Dusan Djukaric

Mohammad Reza

That's it folks hope you enjoy!