Thursday 15 October 2015

Watercolour Paintings (10)

Another varied batch of watercolour paintings, again from a mix of artists well-known and not so well-known. Hope you like them.

Trevor Lingard - superb British artist

Charles Reid  - the maestro

Milind Mulick - what more can one say?

Catherine Rey - a recent find, love her work

Stan Miller - wow!  

Gerard Hendriks - wonderful use of colour

Alvaro Castagnet  

Bev Jozwiak - one of my favourites

Burhan Ozer - enough said

Diann C Benoit - a terrific artist with a wide range

Gerda Mertens - the Belgian artist who has a way with trees

Guy Legendre

Janine Galizia - a wonderful artist associated with `The Art of Watercolour' magazine

Julie Gillard Pollard

Kees Van Aalst - the master of abstraction


Wednesday 7 October 2015

Book review - PAINTING in VENICE

This is an unusual book as it as about painting purely in Venice. Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in the World, partly due to the absence of  motor vehicles. It has many other qualities and surely is the most painted city in the World. I've been three times, briefly on two occasions, the last on a small  ship which cruised the Venice lagoons including a trip to Chioggia, another favourite artists location. At night and on a couple of days we moored up just along from the main square so were able to explore the city. All is not well however as depopulation has been steadily taking place, and if you venture much beyond the central area signs of dereliction are evident. They are trying to reverse this process and bring people back to the city.

Approx. 91/2"  x 101/2" 96 pages Softback Price. £24 + £3.20postage. Available only  from Judi at or see

I should explain I'm not entirely impartial when it comes to Judi. I've known Judi and Pete for some years having done several workshops with her both in the Cotswolds and at Crantock bay in Cornwall. We were also fellow students on a 10 day Charles Reid EPC workshop in Catalonia. Both my wife and Pete were there as non- painting partners and it worked both as an enjoyable and informative workshop as well as a holiday This also applied to Crantock Bay which my wife loved, again as a non-painting partner, and Pete was the course organizer. Sadly Crantock is no more. Many happy memories. My two biggest influences have been Judi, Charles Reid with Gerard Hendriks more recently. One comment she made at Crantock has remained in my memory `if you take one thing from this course then it will have been worthwhile'. Very true.

How do I describe this book? It is a very personal one that reflects Judi's love affair with Venice.There is a foreword by Charles Reid followed by 10 chapters plus a unique map of  viewpoints,that are identified and described throughout the book. Included are 96 original paintings and much information on what to do, where to paint and other information simply not available elsewhere. Quite apart from the Venice aspect her experiences as an artist over many years, and what she has learned, are in this book  If you are intending to paint in Venice, whatever your medium, I would think this book is unique and possibly essential. Whenever I've been there there are always artists at work and large numbers make annual trips. 

Apart from the subject there is lots more other information, mostly reflecting Judi's unique style and way of working and many. many tips regarding paints, developing your own individual style and so on. What more can I say?

This book is self produced by Judi and printed by Short Run Press Limited. It will have a limited print run so could easily become a collectors item. I know of no other book like it. Yes the price is high for a softback of 96 pages but this is explained by my previous comments. 

I've received a request for some illustrations from the book. Allowing for my amateur photography  here are some. I might add having seen a large number of Judi's original paintings, both at exhibitions amd workshops,  I've always felt that reproductions in magazines and books don't do them full justice.

Judi & Peter Whitton in Venice yesterday - photographed by Mick Carney who just happens to be there. 

Friday 2 October 2015

Seed Heads

This was the subject at the AVA session yesterday. Numbers were light with only eleven members present but some interesting paintings ensued. In our halcyon days we had as many as twenty four but alas with ageing members this is no more. Painting groups that meet during the day tend to have much older members with younger ones, who are working, opting for evening groups.

Yvonne Harry

Jan Weeks

Pat Walker


Peter Ward

That's it folks. Next weeks subject is water.