Sunday 24 November 2019

The Pure Watercolour Society Exhibition

I visited my sister in Witney, Oxfordshire recently and took the opportunity to combine it  with a trip to the watercolour exhibition in the nearby small, delightful, Cotswold village of Windrush. This took place under the name of  the "The Pure Watercolour Society", something of a misnomer really as you can't actually join.  Well-known watercolour artists are invited to exhibit at this exhibition by James Fletcher -Watsons daughter, who continues to live in the Fletcher family home, which incorporates a small gallery. I'm not sure how frequently it is held but has been a regular event for some years. Paintings  and prints by James Fletcher-Watson were included, and there were books, cards and various other things for sale. The exhibition was staged between the 16th and 24th (today) of `November.

Jake Winkle

Nineteen artists took part including such notables as David Curtis, Trevor Chamberlain and Robert Wade. The latter, as far as I'm aware the only non British artist. Robert Wade, the doyen of Australian watercolourists,  had taken part in previous exhibitions. Three ladies, Judi Whitton, Josephine Neil and Vanessa Whimney were part of the nineteen. I counted approximately 60 paintings on the walls. On the day we attended there were quite a few visitors as one might expect.

Day and residential courses are held at the gallery and details are above and below.

This is the 2020 schedule.

Overall a very interesting and high class exhibition from a selection of top, primarily British, watercolour artists.

Tuesday 12 November 2019

My Latest Paintings

Here are the most recent.

Amerindian Warrior 16" x 12"

On the top is the first version and bottom the 'modified' one.  I did more work on the eyes, the features, especially with regard to colour. I added Translucent Brown from Schmincke (PBr41) to get nearer to the actual face colour of the so-called 'red man'. I have been criticised in the past about my skin colours and while I accept this I don't want to get over-realistic - others can do this a lot better than me, Stan Miller for example and Harley Brown, although Brown's fabulous work is in pastel. I'd rather be 'unfinished' than otherwise. Charles Reids Indians are just great but emulating him is so difficult  and is it wise to do so in a copyist manner?

Musk-ox approx. 14 x 12"

I have now diverged slightly from my late mentor Charles Reid. He very much worked on the 'first try for a finish' principle. As a lesser mortal I've found I need to look at the painting several days afterwards and when I do can  discern that it may need some additional work, taking care not to overwork as I prefer paintings that are 'unfinished". In the one above I've done nothing so far but the blue looks not quite right so may try to soften this.  I know many like paintings' that are super-realistic and every inch of the paper covered with paint. That  isn't me so I'll continue to plough my lonely path. Just joking folks I know my limitations but I enjoy it so what!

Sunday 3 November 2019

Latest Paintings

Here are my latest efforts. Drawings done at home and painted at the latest AVA Thursday session. In general I'm reasonably happy with them - not 100% naturally! I keep trying.

"Two Brothers" 16" x 12"

"A Fine Fellow" 16" x 12"

"Nuts" - Unfinished 16" x 12"

'Black Redstart' 16" x 12"

Not sure about this one tempted to bin it.

Modified Version

Friday 1 November 2019

Watercolour Painting 60

Here are the latest batch of paintings. They include some where I haven't found the artists names. . If there are mistakes corrections welcomed. A mix of old and newer (or less-known) artists and a wide range of subjects. Hope you like them

Ching Che Lin

Edward Seago - a British Great

Artist ??? (Chien Chung Wei?)

Charles Reid - Greatly Missed

Bev Jozwiak - is this watercolour , acrylics or mixed media. Never sure with Bev

Catherine Rey

John Singer-Sarjeant

Steve Griggs

Tim Wilmott- Never met him (yet) an artist local to me


Gerard Hendriks - Particularly like the rich colours here/

Karen Knutson

Bhira Painting -Great

Another from Gerard

Stan MIller. This is on Yupo paper loved by some, loathed by others although increasingly popular for the effects that can be created

Z L Feng - Beautiful blending of colours

Sherry Schmidt

Chien Chung Wei

Ian Ramsey

David Taylor - Top Australian

Viktora Prischedko - Workshops at East Devon Arts in Sidmouth together with husband Slawa

Guilio Boscaing

Lucy Newton