Friday 15 January 2021

My Latest

 Here are my most recent efforts. 


"Male Bullfinch"

"Amerindian Man"

A Study in Pink"

"Red Crossbill"

"Buffalo Headdress- Amerindian"


Thursday 7 January 2021

Greenleaf & Blueberry

 I recently came across an interesting - indeed fascinating - small producer of 'artisanal watercolours' and other artists materials including 'hand carved brushes". It seems to be a two person operation , although I may be wrong here, described as 'artist and chemist owned'. They describe themselves as 'producing handmade supplies for the travelling artist". I might add only for very well-heeled ones! It's American and all prices are in dollars. The website is beautifully produced and highly professional. The effort and range of products  is extraordinary given the small size of the operation. They have a blog and also run workshops and other things.

All paints are single  natural pigments, lightfast with no added fillers etc. They are ;artist and chemist formulated:. The intention is 'for people looking for something different'. This is no two people producing stuff in a small backyard shed. The paints are produced in small batches and several were out of stock so somebody is buying them. Would I like to try them? I certainly would but while I don't plead poverty these are paints for millionaires.

The paints are produced in half and full pans and here comes the intake of breath bit! Prices of full pans  range from $21.60 to $53.50! Half pans range from $12.00 to $27.90. Would I like to try these paints? I certainly would but I'm afraid the targetted customer is obviously someone who is far, far  more wealthy than I am. Not for hobby painters. I have just received a Jacksons order comprising 7 tubes of paint, 6 Winsor and Newton 14ml and one Lukas 24ml together with a Saunders Waterford 16" x 12" block (now over £37!). This little lot cost just over £100. Fortunately my Xmas and birthday requests included Jacksons vouchers. 

Out of pure interest the website is well worth viewing. It is so do have a look.

Saturday 2 January 2021

Latest Paintings

Here are my latest efforts. All 16: x 12 except where stated.

"Lord of the Savannah"

"Lord of the Plains"



Amerindian Man

"The Hare has it"

"Perky" 12" x 9"

Friday 1 January 2021

Watercolour Paintings 74

 Here are the latest batch for January. Apart from a couple more subdued colours this time but wait until you see Februaries! After such a dreadful year in 2020 let us look forward to better times!

Michelle Lim

Michal Jasiewicz

Jan Weeks

Bev Joswiak

Janine Galizia

Susan Crouch

Kwan Yeuk Pang ???

Galina Gomzina OR Javed Chowdbury

Misulbu Atelier

Surut Pengkalan Kelibang

Milan Jovavovic


Janine Galizia

Sejal Mitra

Agnes Geets?

Silambu Silambu

Hia Thida

Hoshino Keiko

Kwan Yeuk Pang

Bev Jozwiak

Rae Andrews

Wijit Saekoo

Lisa Wang

Alvaro Castagnet

Robert Wade

Hope you like them folks.