Friday 25 September 2020

Latest Paintings

 Here are my latest efforts. All 16" x 12" unless otherwise stated.

'The eye has it!"

"Loco" Chief of the Warm Spring Apaches c 1870s His left eye was damaged by a bullet.

"The eye has it!"

'An Aboriginal Man"

"A Natural beauty"

"Brown Wood Owl"

Van Gogh Tube Watercolours


Monday 14 September 2020

Jacksons Raven Series 528 Short Handled Mop Brushes

 I was recently asked by Jacksons if I was interested in testing certain products. After some thought I agreed but only for those used for watercolour painting. I am not getting any remuneration for doing this - which I wouldn't accept - but admit I hold Jacksons in high regard having dealt with them for some years.

The Raven brush Size 0

Comparison with a Size 8 SAA Kolinsky round. This is just to give an idea of the size of the brush head and length

The Raven is a short handled mop brush under Jacksons own label. They brush head is made from synthetic squirrel - a new one to me - and compared to other mop brushes is fairly firm. There are 6 sizes which range from 10/0 to  4. I think thats right in order of size. They are at special introductory prices at the moment , which range from £7.06p to the largest size 6 at £17.90p. I have some Isabey mops, considered the `Rolls Royce of mop brushes, and while sizes and numbering vary considerably among makes the Isabey nearest in size is roughly three times the price. Full details are on Jacksons website.

I have played around with the brush but have to confess I don't normally use mop brushes as my style of painting is more in line with the Charles Reid and Judy Whitton way, which don't normally entail large washes. It is an interesting brush though as it is quite stiff, points well and is far more versatile than a pure mop.  

In view of this I asked my fellow artist and friend Les Benson - a very experienced artist- if he would like to try it. Les was eager to do so and these are his comments. 

" I liked it. I was impressed with its use in a variety of applications"..."The brush is easy to manipulate between fingers with good control".. It holds a good quantity of paint ansd rinses well. I found it ideal for mixing and applying washes. It also has reasonable stiffness for detail and also good for lifting out". Les's painting below.

This was painted just with the Raven

Overall a very interesting brush which seems quite versatile at very reasonable prices.


Tuesday 1 September 2020

Watercolour Paintings 70

Here are Septembers batch - again some lovely paintings. Several artists new to me. Any corrections regarding names welcome. I think all are watercolour but it is sometimes difficult to be certain. Equally if I have any names that are incorrect please advise me.

Galina Shargina

Boon Kwang

David Taylor

Shirin Nemat Zadeh

Slaveika Aladjova

Jeff Suntala

Corneliu Dragan-Targoviste

Jeanette Clarke

Annelein Beukenkamp

Jeff Suntala

Joseph Zbukvic

Judy Greenberg

Cheng-Khee Chee

Olga Kharchenko

Olga Sternyk

Nadees Prabon

Navin Tan

Ben Gassenbauer

Janet Rogers

Hailey E Herrera - described as 'water media' so may not be a watercolour?

Shirley Trevena