Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Most Recent Paintings

Here are my latest over the last week or two. I have scrapped a number! All 16" x 12"unless otherwise stated.

Hares seem a very popular subject at the moment, both paintings and figurines. There are some very interesting paintings around , mostly by female artists, which inspired me to try my own.  I'm no sexist!

This is another, in this case,  inspired by the American artist Bev Jozwiak who does lots of Jackdaw paintings, and very good they are, in-fact sensationally good.

"Big Boy"


"Where are my wives"

I've actually discarded this one.

Latest Big cat.

Another Bird 12" x 9"



"Mountain Man'


Caroline said...

Do you have photoshop? I just took your crow and lightened the background. I can see a lovely painting. Would be happy to edit for you. I don't seem to be able to post photo here.

Peter Ward said...

No I don't have photoshop. I just photograph the paintings and post them. They do lose something in the process but I don't want to go any further. Thanks for the offer though.