Sunday 31 March 2013

Red-Cowled Cardinal

This tropical bird is the latest subject on the Facebook `Painting Colorful Birds for Fun' page. Here are my efforts.

I have to confess these two are cropped from the original painting. 

red-cowled Cardinals. 16" x 12" Gerstaeker No.3 200gsm Not.

I painted the heads first as I felt they were the main attraction and stood out from all else. They were the easy bit. Several reds involved. Cadmium Red Light, Permanent Rose, Permanent Magenta and Ivory Black with touches of Cerulean for the beaks, and suggestions of shadows on the white parts. I used three brushes, the two Isabey retractables size 4 & 6 and the normal Isabey size 6. About forty minutes.


Ray Maclachlan Art said...

What a delightful, colourful painting Peter. Well done.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks for comments Ray. These paintings are helped by the vivid colours of the subjects. I enjoy doing them.

Sharon Whitley said...

They're all wonderful Peter - I enjoyed painting mine too and was thrilled to actually see one of these gorgeous birds at Chester Zoo yesterday!

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Sharon. I've been looking at the others including yours - some great work. It's interesting to see the different approaches. A wonderfully colourful subject - bring on the next one!