Sunday 17 March 2013

Fishers Lovebirds

On Facebook the well-known artists Gerard Hendriks and Robin Berry have instituted a modest painting competition where each posts paintings of the same subject - various small birds. There have been several so far and anyone who was interested was invited to join in. I don't know if they were serious but I've had a shot at one. The most recent  was of `Fishers Lovebirds' and here is my take on it, although my reference is a different one. Gerard calls this series something like `splashes, sploshes and scribbles'. It's a fun thing and mine was completed in about 30 - 40 minutes.

`Fishers Lovebirds' 10" x 9" Fontenay 140lb (300gsm) Not

I used two brushes, both Isabey. The No.8 Kolinsky and the No 6 retractable. Colours are Transparent Orange (Schminke PO71), Cadmium Orange (Maimeri PO20), Indian Yellow (Rowney PY153), Sap Green (Graham), Quinacridone Rose (Graham PV19), some Raw Umber, Ivory Black for the eyes,. The background is Cobalt Teal Blue (Daniel Smith PG50). There may have been slight touches of  Cerulean and Burnt Umber. 


Unknown said...

Nice colourful piece and impressive in the time taken.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Mick. Just a bit of fun but interesting to do nevertheless.

Oscar Solis said...

30-40 minutes. When a painting is created fast, the painter tends to strip away anything that isn't necessary to the statement, focusing on capturing the essence and character. These birds feel alive. I really like this one. Good show!

Peter Ward said...

Hi Oscar. Thanks for comments. Fussing and overworking (in my opinion) are two of the biggest problems with watercolour. Of course if working fast disaster can be close at any stage!