Friday 20 January 2012

Bath Portrait Course - Week Two - Tuesday 17January

I attended my second session this week and this is a short description. The model, who I discovered is called Sarah, was the same one and once again displayed extreme professionalism. 

On this occasion we were allowed to draw or paint, whichever we decided, and in whatever media. I chose watercolour and this is the result.

Sarah 16" x 12" Centenaire 140lb Not.

Sarah's face was mainly in shadow, due to where I was seated- far from ideal, so next week I'm aiming to move and had a word with the tutor about this. I used pan paints with Cadmium Red and Yellow Light plus Cerulean for the skin colours and features. The Scarf was a mixture of Viridian and Hookers Green, and the cardigan a mix of Orange and Red. Brushes were Escoda 1214 retractables, Sizes 8 and 10 plus my small Isabey 6201.

 Next week we have a male model and are to do drawing using cartridge paper and willow charcoal. We were also told to bring a putty rubber. Another enjoyable session.


Unknown said...

This is a very enjoyable portrait, well executed and drawn. If I were to make a comment after seeing the picture it would be that the lovely highlight on the cheek edge in the photograph isn't in the painting. However, without the photo the thought wouldn't have crossed my mind. You're obviously having fun on this course. Lots of envy here.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Mick.There is a highlight there which is in the painting near the top of the cheek, not very pronounced I agree. I did look for highlights. Unfortunately where the model sat places me on the wrong side as a light was positioned at the other side just around head level. The effect was totally lost where I sat. This made the side I was looking at quite dark with no really pronounced lights. That's why I'm moving next time either to get a more frontal view or towards the opposite side. It won't be easy because 6 of the 8 participants have been before and have established places. I did discuss it with the tutor and will have to push it a little next time.

Ray Maclachlan Art said...

Well drawn and painted Peter. You would have to be CR to make the scarf darker leading up into the hair. That would frame the face better and the highlights you have would be emphasised. I guess we don't see with CR's eyes nor have his skill. Alas.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks for commenting Ray. I bow to Charles Reid's vision and expertise but live in hopes!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Peter,
I like this very much...especially the way you painted her hair, very fresh and loose.
A question...what is "cartridge" paper? Is it another term for drawing paper or newsprint?

Peter Ward said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting Carol. Much appreciated. Cartridge paper is sketching or drawing paper. It comes in various weights, much lighter than watercolour paper, and is smooth. We have it in pads of all different sizes or large sheets.