Saturday, 20 June 2020

Recent Work

Still hard at work during this lockdown! I'm still hoping to improve but probably left it too late. I wasted several years 'experimenting' with different styles when I first started. Still it's been very enjoyable all in all.  All 16" x 12"

Mountain Sheep - although it may actually be a goat!

"African Nuguni Bull"

"The Sadness of the American Indian"

"That Hat!"


"Pampas cat"

"Chief Burning Face"

I feel this isn't quite right, especially compared with some previous similar works.

"Mother and Son"

This sounds like an excuse but  the reproductions on here tend to lose something compared to the originals. I am basically a point and shoot photographer, although I have some useful kit. I don't have Photoshop only fairly basic stuff like Snapseed  and the imaging apps that come with the iMac. I wouldn't want to make them look better than they actually are so face a slight dilemma. 


Oscar Solis said...

You may feel Chief Burning Face isn't quite right but I like it. I compared it to the original photo and was happy to see it wasn't an exact copy, but an interpretation, which is what we should do-interpret (unless it's an illustration and an exact copy is needed).

To paraphrase the artist/illustrator Patrick Woodroffe, art isn't about about what should be but what could be.

I may have stated this before, but I really like your interpretations of animals, particularly that African Nugani Bull.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Oscar. Nice to have at least one fan.

abdulMuiz Chulan said...


How are you sir. Hope u r doing well.

I just realize....that the word fanatic...came from the arabic word Fana'. Which means destroy. It is often used in classical arabic literature by muslim scholars do describe the state of one's love to Allah.

Much like Layla and Majnun. That somehow being insane is something that make sense.

Your blog's tittle really relates to your passion.

All the best. May allah give u hidayah to Islam.

Abdul Muiz.
Rawang, Malaysia.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Abdul. Best Wishes to you also.