Saturday 1 August 2020

Watercolour Paintings 69

Here are Augusts batch. Once again a vary varied collection comprising artists old and new, the new those that I have come across in recent weeks. A huge variety of styles, subjects and approaches. I hope you find much to enjoy and intrigue.  You will notice I sometimes - in fact  I often  - include more than one painting from the same artist. These are amongst my favourites as you probably guess and I hope you don't mind my personal indulgence.,

Shirin Nemat Zadeh

Dean Crouser. I love his work

Thankachen Kumaran

Charles Reid

Gerard Hendriks

Yuda Azuma

Patricia Osborne

Louise Hammett

Igor Sava

Christian Couteau

Wu Sih Shian

Rae Andrews

Ilya Ibryaev

Debbie Bakker

Lang Du Ca

Corneliu Dragan - Tarnoviste

Akbar Akbari

Bev Jozwiak The ever reliable and interesting Bev

Praful Savant

Prafin Puthra

Nguyen Lam

Chainuwat ChuƤykhongthong

Charles Reid

Bev Jozwiak Another from Bev

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hap said...

As interesting a batch as ever you've shared Peter! I enjoy the exposure to other's ways of looking and doing. Some I look at and think "whatever made them do THAT?" and some I look at and think "Whyever didn't I think of THAT?"
Thanks for sharing!!

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Hap. I know thw feeling!