Thursday 27 August 2020

Latest Lockdown Works

Here are my latest lockdown paintings. All 16" x 12" except where noted.

The activist ~ Alfre Woodard

The old man of the jungle

'That's lunch sorted"

Indian scoop owl.

Mother love 12" x 12"

Golden Tamarin


hap said...

You've been productive! Most of what I have been painting lately is postal card sized, and I have been giving them out to folks as a way of showing that I appreciate them, their friendship and what they are doing. You are much more ambitious than I am. I have a horrible time when I try to to portraiture; yours whether animal or people have a wonderful "feel" to them! Thanks for sharing them!!

SilverMom said...

I second what hap said, and I think one of your secrets with the portraits is how your deftness with drawing and painting eyes. I can see right into these "windows into the soul", whether people or animals.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks both. One of the things Charles Reid did was always start with the eyes.

Peter John Darlington said...

What kind of blue paint do you use? There are so many to pick from! Thanks, Peter Darlington

Peter Ward said...

Ultramarine Blue Light and cerulean Blue mainly. I also like Turquoise (PB16).