Monday 2 September 2019

Watercolour Paintings 58

Here are Septembers batch of watercolour paintings. I think all are watercolours but cannot be absolutely certain with some of the artists I don't know. Also the names of the artists should be correct but mistakes are possible. Corrections welcome. Hopefully there is something for everybody. Several of these artists are new to me. While I like a broad range of watercolours, with a preference towards 'loose' and impressionistic ones, what I try and do here is display as wide a range as possible not necessarily because they are all to my personal taste. The intention is also to show what is possible with watercolour.

Charles Reid

Ogden Pleissner

Milind Mullick

Bev Jozwiak

Boon Kwang Noncharoen

Yuko Nagayama

Morten E Solberg Snr - slightly different to Mortens wildlife paintings.

Another from Lucy Newton
Andy Evansen

John Yardley - I believe this is a recent one. Yardley is now in his early eighties.

Corneliu Dragan-Targoviste

Ng Woon Lam

Roberto Andreoli

Igor Sava

Alison Garlin

Marc Folly

Hla Thida Win

Barbara Flowers

Barnaba Salvador

Lucy Newton - I love this artists work, See the tree creeper at the near top left.

Yong Hong Zhong

Rachel Mc Naughton


Cobalt Violet said...

Thanks for sharing these wonderful artists. I'm especially loving Pleissner and Sava!

Peter Ward said...

Thanks for compliments.

artistraja said...

Thanks for sharing these masters works!

agus said...

Good post!... I LOVE the work of Mark Folly