Saturday, 28 September 2019

This Weeks Paintings

I expect many will be sick of my puny efforts but I'm just a hobby painter folks so there it is. (I'm only half joking!). 

"Green Man" (1) 16" x 12"

Green Man (2) 16" x 12"

I painted another green man a while back, still have the  painting and like it. The 'Green Man' is linked with old religious pagan practices and there are "Green Man'  head sculpted images in many churches and elsewhere. Each year a large music festival takes place at Crickhowell, within the Brecon Beacons,  Wales. The most recent subject at my art group was 'World Culture'. I wasn't enamoured with this and scratched my head as what to do. Then I hit on the 'green man' thing. It isn't just men as women also dress up in these bizarre green costumes, adorned with leaves, ivy and other green vegetation, as well as painting faces etc green.  It must take them hours to arrange this getup. I know many artists shun greens but it doesn't bother me. I used several greens in the paintings as I have many of those available. This probably sounds like a cop out but when I look at them on the blog or Facebook something seems to be lost between being photographed and transposed to the blog and Facebook.


HanaB said...

Peter, saw these on FB. There is something terrific about these green people paintings you have made....hang on to that thought! They have a life to them, there is something very compelling about them! Nice work!

Peter Ward said...

Wow! Thanks Hana. Not much comment or likes about them otherwise. Still I like them Thanks for comment.

Diana said...

Love your green men paintings and you've reminded me that I wanted to look into this folklore more deeply. I inherited a beautiful china cupboard from my great-grandparents and at the top, back, it has a carved oak green man image. Thanks for the reminder!

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Diana. There is masses of stuff about the "Green Man' just Google the name.