Monday 1 January 2018

Watercolour Paintings (38)

To start 2018 off with a bang here are the latest batch of paintings I've collected. A quite wide collection of subjects, styles and techniques. It is difficult to believe some are watercolours but all are supposedly such.They don't all attract me personally - loose paintings with a minimalist approach are my preferences - although I marvel at the skill and concentration that must have gone into them. Something for everyone?

Diane C Benoit

I'm a big fan of Dianes work.

Bev Jozwiak

I'm a fan of Bev but she does use mixed media a lot. I think this is mainly watercolour.

Tulay Sayilgan

Alisa Kalinova

I don't know this artist and it illustrates a shot from her studio rather than a single painting. It struck a chord with me and I thought I'd include it. I like the treatment of the tomatoes, is that"s what they are.

Kris Pressian

Another new artist. This is amazing and it's hard to believe it is watercolour. The detail is staggering. How this was painted is beyond me.

Robert Zangarelli

Aynur Akalin

Reminds me a bit of Gerard Hendriks.

Steve Cole

Another new one. This is obviously a political statement which I don't normally push, although I have strong views on many things including  politics. It just seemed a very interesting painting.

John Sal Minen

Another new one - amazing detail

Richard Stevens

Romer Urs

Another new one.

Gerard Hendriks

A typical bird study from Gerard

Necla Ayvaz

Quite amazing isn't it.

Nuwka Ivanova

Li Ronghui

Again staggering attention to detail yet it is said to be a watercolour!

Emile Romerr

Another new artist

Apirak Garuda

And still they come another new to me.

Aymur Akalin

Need I say it? Another new artist (to me).

Charles Reid

A Xmas sketch for a postcard I think.

Gerard Hendriks

A change from his more usual birds and animals. terrific though. Just shows how talented Gerard is

Gerard Hendriks

Another winter scene. Love it.

That's it folks. I hope you like them. Many are worthy of study.


SilverMom said...

I am so glad that you are continuing to write blog posts. I enjoy each one very much.

I am particularly struck by your comments regarding (super) realism in paintings vis-a-vis a looser, more impressionistic style, which is also, by far, my favorite approach.

A few years ago, I had a major "aha" to explain my own different reaction to these two styles. When I see a work done in the realistic (especially the super-realistic) style, my reaction is primarily intellectual, i.e., "how on earth did the artist DO that?!?" On the other hand, a more impressionistic work evokes a reaction that both draws me in emotionally and is viscerally exciting. (Sometimes even, with Charles Reid's works for example, going so far as to give me goosebumps!)

Looking forward to seeing more images, including some of your own new work.

Peter Ward said...

Hi there. I'm fairly simplistic in my approach. I took up watercolour rather than other (easier I'm told) mediums as when I went to painting exhibitions the watercolours appealed most. Similarly 'loose' paintings caught my attention much more than realistic to super realistic paintings. Still each to his or her own I say as long as you enjoy it.

Charlene Wood said...

Thanks for your posts, it's interesting to see the possibilities within the watercolour medium!

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Charlene.

Rose Welty said...

I'm quite behind, but Happy New Year Peter. I hope it is a great year of painting for you. I always enjoy your posts, thank you for taking the time to do them.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Rose.

Unknown said...
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