Saturday 6 January 2018

MOLOTOW Masking Fluid

I have recently tried the new Molotow masking fluid and so far am quite impressed. This is a preliminary view.

2mm top and 4mm bottom  The tubes 5 inches in length.

See the effect of the fine lines of fluid. The fluid was put down first then, when dry, a wash of Ultramarine Blue painted over. When fully dry the lines were rubbed out using a putty rubber.

This is a new product - at least in the UK. The tubes work with a pump action that releases the fluid - a pale blue colour - to the tip. Initial testing seems to indicate good control better than using a ruling pen, which is my previously preferred option. With practice use of these tubes should enable quite good control. You can do dots, lines etc of varying size and thickness. 

Masking fluid isn't every artists favourite. Some won't use it at all. You do have to be careful not to overuse it but in the right context it is a useful tool.

Current Jacksons prices are £4.60p for the 4mm and £4.30 for the 2mm. There is also a refill available. I've ordered one but they are out of stock so haven't received it yet. I've no idea yet how long each tube will last.

Several of my painting friends are now trying this product. The only comment so far is from Jan who says it is difficult to remove the fluid from certain papers. I would guess softer papers are the main problem and this applies to other masking fluids.  I haven't found a problem with Waterford, where it is removed using a putty rubber.  You do have to rub fairly vigorously. This is however always a potential problem with most, if not all, masking fluids,  especially if the fluid is left on the paper for any extended period. The paper surface is damaged and comes away. My friend John Softly in Australia says he finds the Daniel Smith system creates finer lines. I have tried the Daniel Smith system, which comes with a variety of different sized, interchangeable, plastic tips. In my case the problem of cleaning these tubes after use put me off.

When I have more feedback I'll add them to this post.

Added 14/01/2018. Some of my painting friends are complaining that the Molotow fluid is proving difficult to remove. This could damage the paper. I have managed to do so without damage using a hard putty rubber but I can see the difficulty.

Added 17/01/2018. Pebeo have now added two tubes, similar to the Molotow ones except they appear to be in 4mm and 7mm. At the moment Jacksons are awaiting stock of the 7mm but the SAA (Society of All Artists) are listing both. I'll certainly give them a try.

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