Sunday 1 October 2017

Watercolour Paintings 35

Here is the latest batch to start October. Many of these artists are unknown to me. They just keep coming. They are a very mixed bunch with contrasting styles. I like some more than others but won't elaborate.

The brilliant Bev Jozwiak

Marion Bolognesi

ZeZe Lai

Milind Mulick
- This was attributed to Milind but is very different to his usual work. Wrongly attributed?

Vicky Nelson
I love this one so simple yet very striking.

Z An Asian Artist (Cannot translate name)

Venu KV Art

Jose Cuervo Vina

Michael Jasiewicz

Jose Luis Lopez

Javier Antonio Luque Rodriguez

Alvaro Castagnet (?)
The workshop king.

Gerard Hendriks
This is a favourite of mine from Gerard.

S. Porsford

Interesting but the colour perhaps overdone?

Slawa Prischedko

A marvellous artist.

Anna Sidorvina

Viktoria Prischedko

The other half of the super talented Prischedkos. Marvellous.

Many of the above artists are new to me and I know nothing about them. Just shows how much hidden talent in watercolour is out there. 


Allan Engelhardt said...

Thank you for compiling this list every month. It is very inspirational.

Peter Ward said...

Glad you like them.

Woodcrafter said...

Alan, Still discovering new water colourists as a result of your extensive Blog.
Do keep them coming and share with us; all lovers of the medium.
Kind Regards,

VENU K V said...

Hi Peter.. Thanks for liking my work.. Have good day.. N good week..
VenuKV Art.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks All.