Sunday 3 September 2017

My Latest Paintings

I make the usual proviso. These are my paintings which I don't claim are good - just mine. I've painted them over the last two or three weeks, mainly at AVA sessions, usually doing the drawings the day previous in my 'studio'at home.

George Armstrong Custer - from a photograph taken around 1863
 16" x 12" Waterford High White not

I was quite pleased with it and still am - but realised afterwards I'd made his epaulettes too large, I look at these paintings in the following days and see things - usually faults - I didn't notice at the time it was painted! The actual painting looks better then the reproduction, which seems to happen often.

This is my original Custer drawing

Indian Woman in captivity c 1870s - 16" x 12" Waterford High White

The guide photo shows a very dejected woman and it is really dark and gloomy. I wanted to capture her dejection.

Original drawing for the above.

Black Prairie Chicken c1900 (?)

!6' x 12" Waterford High White

His name appealed to me but in reality he's quite colourful.

A Young Navaho Man - c1900 
16" x 12" Waterford High White

This one looks like a 'dandy' in the original photo. One of my painting friends thought it was a female!

A young Inuit child 16" x 12" Waterford High White C1900 (?)

Probably better known as of 'Eskimo' origin. She actually looks older in my painting than in the original. She was wearing this amazing fur hat which I pondered awhile how to depict. In the end I wasn't too unhappy with the result.

Pink Phlox -16" x 12" Waterford High White

A loose painting of flowers for a change. I haven't done many of these and hope to do more ' in a loose manner.


abdulMuiz Chulan said...

I think painting flowers are more diffucult than portraits and landscapes...

Peter Ward said...

Think so Abdul? Nothings easy in watercolour it's just a question of what you like doing best.

abdulMuiz Chulan said...

Yes sir. I think its just a matter of spending a few minutes painting. I remembered an advice given to me by an indonesian artist Denny Samawa, if ur feeling bad mood or lazy, just do a small size , if you're feeling great, do a big one. Somehow..i am having trouble kickstarting my painting momentum. I have too much excuses. Any tips Mr Ward?

Peter Ward said...

Hello Abdul

I did three workshops with an accomplished artist called Trevor Waugh some years ago. He talked about 'artists block' and said progression in painting can be a succession of ups and downs. What he said was when you have a difficult period
whatever you do don't stop painting.Good advice.

abdulMuiz Chulan said...

Yeah....just divorce today...i would paintbif I have friends..

Dortesjs said...

gorgeous art in watercolouring ;O)

Peter Ward said...

Glad you like them. Just my modest efforts.😎