Thursday 7 November 2013

A Misty Day

The subject at the Avon Valley Artists session today was `A Misty Day', Not exactly an easy nor - dare I say it - a popular subject. Still many subjects are difficult the idea being to stretch members beyond their comfort zone. Quite a good turnout with 18 members present. Not everyone painted in watercolour with some pastels and also acrylics.

Jan Weeks - I hadn't realised that Jan rarely uses a photographic reference

Kathy Wilkins

Pauline Vowles

Yvonne Harry

The above is my effort with the first stage above it. I used mainly Ultramarine Blue with mainly Burnt Sienna for the greys and darks in various dilutions. The greens are Hookers Green and Sap Green. Brushes were primarily the Escoda retractable Kolinsky Size 12 then switching to the number 10.  The actual painting shows greater contrast than the reproduction above.


Unknown said...

As always an interesting selection of images. It does come over that the members were pushing themselves with this subject.
Like the simplicity of your work in this one and also the limited palette.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Mick. It was an interesting subject that many (including me) found difficult.

Ray Maclachlan Art said...

You have produced the goods here Peter. Can really see the mist rising out of the valley.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Ray.

Unknown said...

I love Jan Weeks boats, very loose but effective.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Brenda - and done without a photographic reference!