Wednesday, 30 October 2013

More Paintings - Mostly Buildings

Here are more paintings I like or find interesting. I have mostly grouped them under the heading of `buildings' rather than landscapes or townscapes. They are in a variety of styles of which some may appeal and others may not.

Gerda Mertens - the Belgian artist  also noted for her distinctive treatment of trees.

Christian Couteau - A quite abstract style with really bright colours. His other work has the same approach. Reminds me of John Palmer. Red and yellow feature in many of his paintings. 

Grzgorz Wrobel - Strong contrasts and use of shadows.

Kees van Aalt. The author of the seminal `Realistic Abstracts' and promoter of this different way of seeing. 

Mahmoud Samandarian - a more conventional painting with great use of figures.

Mika Toronen Look how the orange and red of the car brings this otherwise dull painting to life.

Milind Mulick - How about the red figure!

Orhan Gurel - Another semi-abstract approach note the figure.

Ping Long

Tan Suz Chiang

Vikas Mishra

Another from Kees van Aalt  I like this better than his previous one. Again I can see similarities to John Palmer. 

I don't know much - if anything -about some of these artists but searching might produce more information if you particularly like them. The paintings show many different approaches.


Unknown said...

What an excellent collection Peter. Thank you for gathering them, most enjoyable. If only.....

ann @ studiohyde said...

Wow! I like them all :)

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Ray and Ann.

Laura said...

Just found Kees Van Aalt myself on FB. Isn't he fab? Thanks for the intro to some of the others too.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Laura. You might like the book `Realistic Abstracts' by Kees van Aalst as it has other interesting artists in it.

mrspdvn said...

Here is the link to Kees van Aalst

Yvonne Harry said...

Fab collection Peter. Thanks for the post.

Oscar Solis said...

Nice paintings all. The painting by Vikas Mishra reminds me of the work of architectural illustrator Ray Evans (one of my favorite artists ever). Your mention of John Palmer makes me wish he had a bigger web presence.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Yvonne.

Peter Ward said...

Hi there Oscar. Glad you like them, although such a variety won't be to everyone's taste.
As you know John Palmer is a Bristol artist so I've met him on a number of occasions. I agree he is worthy of much greater recognition but, according to my late friend Alan, who knew him well over many years, he is lazy and hasn't really `gone for it'.

Oscar Solis said...


Thanks for the reply. Too bad about John Palmer not really going for it. He's such a talented artist. At least there are the books (I only have the Drawing and Sketching), so there's that.

Regarding "not to everyone's taste", I thought all the paintings were nice. Some jump out more than others. That's what is wonderful about art. There is always something for everyone.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks for reply Oscar. It is a shame about JP.
I put `not to everyone's taste, because there is such a wide spectrum about what people like or dislike. Certain of the above I like rather better than some of the others but found all interesting.