Thursday, 10 October 2013

Portraits in Watercolour

Unfortunately I've been forced to miss today's AVA session as I'm waiting for an engineer from the cable company to arrive to remedy a problem. The subject today is `Experimental', the rule being that brushes are not allowed other than to mix the paints. I'd been scratching my head what to do and had come up with palette knives, sponges and bamboo pens. In it's place here are a selection of portraits in watercolour by some of the very best artists (in my opinion) around. They show a variety of styles, and while portraits are not everyone's favourite subject they do illustrate the range of possibilities from realistic to expressionistic. The way colour has been used is also something worth noting.

Janet Rogers the brilliant American artist. A study in delicacy.

Stephie Butler - a wonderful and distinctive touch also very delicate.

Mary Whyte -the highly regarded American artist

Liu Yungshen - another of these fabulous Chinese artists

Ted Nuttall - another American with a fabulous talent

Valerio Libralato - I don't know this artist but love his work

The guru of Chinese artists Guan Weixing

Stan Miller - enough said!

Sylvia Pelissimo (Agnes-Cecille) - controversial and often somewhat scary

Millind Mullick - great artist and great guy

Shi Tao - another of these talented Chinese artists, most of who are students of Guan Weixing, although I don't know if that is the case here.

Svetlana Danovich - great use of colour

Tina Kligaard - bold and thought provoking.

Paul Lovering - great portraits in s very distinctive style

I hope these prove of interest. They shouldn't be viewed just as portraits and dismissed - if portraits aren't your thing - but considered in the way watercolour has been used to create different effects to those in the mainstream oils. 



Unknown said...

A great selection of portraits, each of which has something to say in terms of technique. Thanks for your research.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks for comments Mick. Glad you are back in circulation!

Vijay Kakde said...

Wonderful collection !!!

Peter Ward said...

Welcome Vijay and thanks for your comment.

Jan Weeks said...

There are some very talented watercolour portrait artists out there. I enjoyed studying your selection, thankyou. Sorry you missed art today; some fascinating results!

Judy said...

These are all so fabulous to look at! Great to study them and learn... Thanks for sharing, Peter!

Laura said...

Thanks for the introduction to some of these artists Peter. Lots to learn here.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Jan. I was sorry I missed it although apprehensive! Apart from the Thursday sessions I'm not painting at all and my `studio' may not be ready for two or three weeks at least - probably longer.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Judy and Laura. I'm pleased this selection seems to have gone down so well.

Måns Sjöberg said...

Thaks for a great blog! People say you made a good review of watercolor easels but I can't find it. I would be very happy if you could send me a link to it.

Best wishes,

Peter Ward said...

Thank Mans. No I haven't done a review of watercolour easels, although I did discuss two custom made easels for outdoor work. You would need to look them up in either 2010 or 2011 posts I think.

Måns Sjöberg said...

Thanks a lot, Peter! I just found them and ordered a tripod bracket from Ken Bromley. I'll probably write a few words about it myself after using it for a couple of weeks, with a reference to your blog of course.

Unknown said...

What a great selection of different techniques, I especially enjoyed the painting by Janet Rogers.
Thank you for sharing.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Mans. This is very much a `do it yourself' easel but works! One of the best artists of my AVA group uses it every week. The only downside is it doesn't have a shelf but you can get around that with a little ingenuity,

Peter Ward said...

Thanks for comments Brenda. I'm glad my selection of different techniques seems to have been well received.