Sunday, 14 January 2018

Recent Paintings

Here are my latest efforts, mostly painted at Avon Valley Artists except where stated.

Final version of Red Squirrel. I let the colour run and mix.

Three Squirrels. Not sure what species as they don't look like the native red nor like the  grey intruders that infest our woodlands. I'm not happy with the bottom animal.

This was an AVA subject 'Fruit'. Initial drawing above.

A Tonto Apache , either a captive or possibly a scout. Not keen on the face colours. Got it wrong I think.

An Indian Chief. I have become fascinated by facial drawings that use masses of thin squiggly lines. This is my take on them using Staedler Fineliners , 01, 05 and 08. Drawn first - or should I say 'squiggled' first. Then small washes of Ultramarine Blue applied.

This is the second one I did using several odd fineliners. Again Ulramarine Blue applied with more strength. I enjoyed doing both these.

Latest AVA subject 'Glass'.

As I've said many times before these are just my paintings which I don't present as 'good'. Just my recent efforts. Most are 16" x 12" Waterford either standard or High White. The reason is the bottom ones are painted on the back of previous discarded paintings. I've a huge pile of these and with the price of paper escalating.........


Rose Welty said...

Good to see how productive you've been! It's inspiring to see someone else continuing to pursue their interests. The red squirrel is very nice.

Peter Ward said...