Sunday, 24 March 2013

Mandarin Duck

Having joined the small group on Facebook headed by Gerard Hendriks and Robin Berry, the latest subject is a Mandarin Duck.  This is a really colourful bird and makes for a very colour conscious painting. I would have liked it to be a little looser!

12" x 9" Fontenay 140lb (300gsm) Not

The Mandarin Duck is such a striking bird that my colourist instincts were given full reign. The orange colours are mainly Schminke Translucent Orange (PO71). The blues are Cerulean, Ultramarine and Cobalt. There is both Raw and Burnt Umber, some Raw Sienna and Ivory Black (Maimeri).. I first masked parts of the bird where it appeared white - mostly just narrow lines - using Pebeo Drawing Gum applied with an SAA ruling pen.

The initial drawing with masking fluid applied.

The next subject - one a week - is the Caribbean Flamingo. This will be a test as they are mostly pink and white.

The great thing is that we are painting - about eight at the moment - the same subject, although not with the same reference. One of the things that constantly vexes me  is to wonder how artists like Charles Reid and Gerard Hendriks would tackle the painting I happen to be working on? In the case of Gerard and Robin I can now see. This is great.


Ray Maclachlan said...

Great colour Peter, you really enjoyed this challenge. I don't think it is the looseness you need, more a little bit of mystery in the work. Leave the viewer guessing.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks for comments Ray. I think I know what you mean but not exactly sure. The Mandarin has such clear divisions between the various colours that it's hard to know how to handle it. Fortunately I have Gerard Hendriks version which is food for thought.

Sharon Whitley said...

I really like your mandarin Peter - is the facebook page invitation only or can anyone join, sounds right up my street!

Sharon Whitley said...

I think I've found it Painting colourful birds for fun - brilliant! Even if it's not the one you speak of it's a great page and I love painting birds!

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Sharon. Yes anyone can join. You should be able to find it easily. The title is `Painting Colorful Birds for Fun'. the American artist and author Robin Berry set it up and there is the great thing that you can see how both Robin and Gerard Hendriks tackle the same subject (although not the same reference). I often feel ,when painting, how would so and so tackle this subject? A great learning tool.