Monday, 1 March 2021

Watercolour Paintings 76

Here are the March paintings, again some stunning paintings including many animals and birds painted (mainly) in a loose manner. For some strange reason you have to click on 'Read More" to access the paintings.

Guus Ong

Gil Fox

Galina Shargina

Carl Purcell

Edo Hannema

Nixon Chumbislia

Nicole Gelinas

Dean Crouser

Karl Martens

Alex Bertaina

Annette Smith

Natalie Graham

Jen Buckley

Jen Buckley (???).

Natalie Graham

Kovacs Anna Birgitta

Heather Withers


Kovacs Anna Birgitta

Charles Reid

Maryse De May

Yvonne Joiner

Thats all. Hope you find much to like. Even if you are not a fan of some of these subjects you can learn  from the techniques employed and apply them to your own paintings and other subjects.

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