Thursday 16 April 2020

Latest Paintings

I'm painting quite a lot at the moment, including drawing. With the way things are developing I may paint even more if we have to self isolate  at some stage.  (This was written sometime ago. We are self isolating and have been for two weeks with more to come)We've just been told by the latest press conference to 'avoid non essential' social contact. We've already shut down the AVA before the lockdown until further notice, which may last a considerable time. I fear this will threaten the survival of the group but there is nothing else we can do. These are my latest efforts. I've scrapped a couple of others All 16" x 12"

"Cowgirl "

I attempted here to treat this subject in a similar manner to a Charles Reid demo at Stow in the Wold. I wasn't on that particular workshop but Judi Whitton was and subsequently purchased it. She has it in her 2005 book ( Collins) "Loosen up Your Watercolours". and try and improve it, perhaps adding as little red. in places, just the odd spot.

Too much red on the left facing side of the face? I think so.

'Red Pandas"

I was pleased with this but very few likes on 'Facebook'. Now if I had a name!😎

An Amerindian woman - This didn't work well either as I introduced what Charles Reid used to call arbitrary colours, colours that aren;'t actually there.

Alison - First try. As I wasn't happy I did it again.

The Jay isn't  bad but I 'm not keen on the background. I'm not good at backgrounds which Charles used to say were the hardest part of a painting.

The Kiowa 'Lone Wolf"

I actually really like this but as often the case I don't get many likes on the groups on Facebook I post in. Nice to be (not) appreciated.😎 Still I'm sticking with this approach - well not all the time.

An Amerindian woman. The difficulty with many of these old indian photos is that they are either a sepia colour or black and white and the contrast is extreme. 


This is my granddaughters Jack Russell  terrier 'Herbert" . He came from a dog rescue kennel. He's nine and a little cutie. Already adored. I'm pleased with this and so was my granddaughter (although she hasn't asked for it!). The resemblance is good.

Charging Rhino - Overworked

Alison - 2nd Attempt. The eyes are a little too large otherwise better than the first one. I've actually done a little more work on this one reducing the size of the eyes. Contrary to what is sometimes said you can make alterations to watercolours although you walk a thin line when doing so. If the colours are staining, which many of the synthetics are,  then it is more difficult.

I think you can see the eyes are smaller compared to the above and are more in proportion.

Bad Hair Day Penguin

This is a fun painting and I like it.

Native American

This one has already bitten the dust. It was very hard going from the original photo, very black with very little detail. I used to publish the original photos I based the paintings on but gave it up because most comments just judged them on whether the resemblance was good or not.

Young Kickapoo Man


This was done immediately after two failures with an Amerindian portrait. Both torn up. I was very frustrated which happens sometimes.


magicalmagpie said...

I love your work, and admire the journey you have walked in order to find your new love of watercolor. May your journey be long and well travelled. Kind regards

Peter Ward said...

Thank you.