Monday, 2 March 2020

Watercolour Paintings 64

This month I am posting watercolour portraits, although many are partial figures.It is possible some may not be watercolour so any corrections are welcome. This also applies to the artists names. I make no apologies in leaning towards an impressionistic approach, although there are examples of more detailed works here. Some I like a lot more than others but as usual I'm trying to show the wide range that is possible with watercolour. This is just a sample of what is out there.

Liu Yi

Another of these amazing Chinese artists

Jack London (?)

Not sure if this is correct. Maybe the subject is JL Apparently this is Robert Wade . That surprises me as it isn't typical RW. Thanks to Greg.

Annette Smith 

Another from Annette Smith

I can see Charles Reid in this and the one above.

Lars eje Larsson

This is very abstract . which seems to be the case with his figure and portrait work. His other stuff is very different with bold colours. I love his work but the above may not appeal to many.

This is lovely but I cannot find the artists name Might be Atsushi Matsubayashi

Slawa Prischedko. One half of the Prischedkos. A wonderful artist. They have been doing workshops at East Devon Arts at Sidmouth on the South Coast of England for the last two years.

The superb Stephie Butler. This is another example of her use of the new liquid charcoal allied with one or two watercolours. I've now bought a tube but haven't yet tried it. This is very different to her normal style (which is excellent) and I like both very much.

Ted Nuttall

One of the premier USA artists in watercolour portraits 

Aine Devine

This Scottish lady is a wonderful artist

Chien Chung-Wei

"Robert Wade' by Chien Chung -Wei

This is a great painting by the fabulous CCW

David Lobenberg

A very bold and colourful work typical of this artist

The late Charles Reid A typical demo of which I saw about thirty in my several workshops with him although this wasn't one.

Fealing Lin

Another marvellous American/Asian artist

Gerard Hendriks

I have been friends with Gerard for a few years now. His work has expanded greatly and here (I think) he was having  fun

Marcos Beccari

Chien Chung -Wei

I love this for its minimalist approach

Atanur Dogan

Not familiar with the artist.

Vijay Achrekar

This Bangalore artist is brilliant

Rick Huang-Huang hua Zhao

Another from Slawa Prischedko

Janet Rogers

The fine American artist

Stan Miller

Stan produces fabulous work including a lot of portraits

kubra Turkegul

A new artist to me


indianagreg said...

Re: "Artist???"

This may be a digital watercolor by Vitaly Shchukin

Peter Ward said...

Okay thanks. Not sure what these digital watercolours are though.

indianagreg said...

Mr. Shchukin seems to be a healthcare professional who for leisure(?) does watercolor on his computer, i.e., not with paint, paper, and a brush. It's not really watercolor, but it has the appearance of watercolor. He's not trying to deceive anyone as he freely talks about it on his website/blog. Sorry, I don't have the URL for it.

indianagreg said...

He may actually be "Dr. Shchukin." Not sure.

Oscar Solis said...

Nice set of paintings, particularly the Ted Nuttall and Gerard Hendriks. Went to see more of Lars eje Larsson and he's definitely a fantastic artist.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Oscar I love Lars work.His portraits are super abstract I would say but his other work - lots of pots and objects mainly - is amazing as well with great use of colour. A difficult style to emulate. If you 'google' his name lots will come up.

Peter John Darlington said...

Love your blog, keep it up! I am an amateur watercolour painter who has also been blogging for quite awhile. darlingtonwatercolour on blogger

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Peter. I mainly write for amateurs like myself. The other thing I try to do is give the wide reach of watercolour and the wonderful World-Wide artists who use it to produce the most fantastic paintings in many different styles.