Thursday 8 August 2019

My Latest Paintings

I still keep plugging away, furiously in some weeks. Is this my last chance saloon? Hope not. After 20 years I feel I've made some progress but not nearly enough. Great hobby though and have many painting friends here and around the World.

'Big Bull' 16" x 12"

'Kingfisher' 16" x 12"
This is the finished painting

'Medicine Bottle' 16" x 12"
Santee Sioux leader awaiting execution after the 1862 uprising

'Red Rooster" 16' x 12"

Big Rooster 16" x 12"

'African Wild Dogs' 16" x 12"

'A Horse" 16" x 12"

These latter two were completed today, although I may 'tweak' them a bit. Not so much colour as the ones above but  the colours of these animals were generally more sombre.


SilverMom said...

The bull and the wild dogs are my favorites! So much (elegantly) left to the imagination...

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Silvermom. Nice to have one fan.

James Kissel said...

Nice painting. Your favorite artist, Charles Read, posthumously made the front cover of "Watercolor Artist" with "5 Ways to Strengthen a composition"