Thursday, 13 December 2018

More Information on New Van Gogh Watercolours

I have received a reply to my enquiries from Yogesh Karia, Country Manager UK & Ireland. These are the replies.

1. Available from immediate effect.

2.Tubes & Pans £2.95

3. Tubes & Pans Series 2 £3.95

4.10ml Tubes and Half Pans

5. Pigment Information

In the Uk you may struggle to find a stockist but there are some. Try 'googling' 'Van Gogh watercolour stockists.
When you get to the swatches on the issuu site use the + sign to zoom in and see the pigment details which are small.
Looking at the pigments there are quite a few multi pigment mixes, all the 'dusk' and interference colours for example but don't let that put you off there are a good number of decent single pigments, After all who has 73 colours in their palette? Personally I would avoid the 'hues' where white is added, especially the Cobalt and Cerulean Blues. I think white makes the paints cloudy and they can harden in the tubes.
That said I found Van Gogh decent in the old range. The new one is vastly improved and if you find the prices of artists quality watercolours  eye watering give them a try. They are a middle range not a student quality one.
My current best value picks in Artist Quality  for a combination of price/ quality are Sennelier (21ml tubes) and Lukas (24ml tubes).

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