Saturday 1 April 2017

Watercolour Paintings (29)

Here are Aprils batch of watercolour paintings. Another selection showing the huge variety possible with this underrated , at least in the UK,  medium. My aim is to show the vast range of paintings possible with watercolour. Obviously, like everyone else, I have my particular favourites and also tend towards paintings that are loose with the mantra 'less is more'. However that doesn't mean I don't admire and marvel at paintings done in styles and techniques different to those I aspire to. Many of these artists are unknown to me but you can look up most of them on Facebook, which is where the paintings originally appeared.

Milind Mulick

Milind doesn't usually do flowers but the colours tend to mirror those in his other paintings.

Gerard Hendriks 56 x 76cm

A slightly unusual subject for Gerard but I notice some of his recent paintings are moving into different subjects. 

Daniel Guilbert 120 x 80cm

This reminds me of the Trevor Chamberlain painting of a large tanker. I think this not quite up to that standard but not a million miles away. 

N B Gurung

A fine Nepalese artist.

Judith Farnworth

Aleksandrs Neberekutins 20 x 30cm

An example of a very loose but effective painting. 

Miguel Torres Garcia

Amazing painting this with stunning detail. I don't know the size but obviously quite large.

Orhan Gurel

This is a sketch - wonderful!

Zhou Tianya

Nora McPhail

I like her loose colourful paintings. No overworking.

The wonderful Bev Jozwiak, I like her jackdaw paintings as well as many others.

Jean-Luc Decron

The only details here are the eyes, nose and lips but look how they set off the rest of the painting. Great colour choices too.

The great Gerard Hendriks

This may well be the cockerel painted on his DVD. Contrast this with the previous painting by him I've shown..

Michael Reardon

Obviously another large one (?) but very atmospheric. Look how the river contrasts with the many greys of the rest.

Ali Abbas Syed

Celal Gunaydin


Sun Yu

Wow again!

I love this but seem to have mislaid the artists name - nevertheless I decided to include it. I love the approach.

Lars Eje Larsson

I only recently became aware of this artist and love his work.


Judith Farnworth Art said...

Many thanks for the inclusion amongst some wonderful company here!!

Peter Ward said...

Glad you like them Judith

Debbie Nolan said...

Loved seeing your compilation of watercolors. Great works. Thank you for sharing.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Debbie.

Yvonne Harry said...

Thanks for another lovely selection......have great difficulty this time deciding which is my favourite

Peter Ward said...

It is difficult isn't it Yvonne.

Trevinon said...

Most of them are awesome.

Peter Ward said...

Obviously some will be liked more than others but amongst them are examples of the very best of watercolour paintings.