Sunday 1 January 2017

Watercolour Paintings 26 - Welcome to 2017!

To commence 2017 here we go! A mix of well-known and lesser known artists. A range of styles, subjects and contrasts in the use of colour. What more could you want?

Virgil Carter

Milind Mullick

Gerard Hendriks

Jem Bowden

John Blockley

Joe Dowden - Venice

 Cornelius Dragan-Targo Viste - Venice ?

Gerard Hendriks

Judith Farnworth

Alvaro Castagnet

Millind Mullick -Brugge

Ung Mijint Doy

Gerda Mertens

Janina B

Tulay Sayilgan

Karen Slosin Added 05/01/2017.The correct name is Karen Sioson - she is the artist

 All these artists appear on Facebook in one form or another so should not be too difficult  to locate.


Judith Farnworth Art said...

Thanks for the inclusion here Peter... much appreciated!!

Peter Ward said...

HI Judith - love your painting, especially the colours.

Katie said...

Peter, always love your posts sharing an assortment of artists. Thank you. A google and facebook search don't turn up any 'Karen Slosin' for me though and would really love to see more of her work. Have you any suggestions, or is the name misspelled, by chance? Thanks for any tips.

Peter Ward said...

I've obviously made a mistake Katie here. This was one of those posts that say something like 'Karen Slosin and others ' promoting the painting. The artist is obviously someone else. My enquiries have failed to provide an answer.

Peter Ward said...

I think I've cracked it name is Karen Sioson not Slosin. It appears to be her painting although is also states 'with Paloma Fule'.

Katie said...

Thank you for tracking that down, Peter! :) I could see her signature on the painting, but couldn't make it out completely. I will see if I can locate more about Karen Siosin.
Thank you so much!