Thursday 1 December 2016

Watercolour Paintings (25)

This months batch of paintings follow and as usual I've tried to provide as varied a batch as possible. I hope you like them.

Slawa Prischedko

Charles Reid

Chien Chung Wei

Gilles Durand

Tony Xu Min

Bijay Biswaal

Huang Hsiao - Hui

Hercules Brabazon

Thomas Schaller

Faustina Martin Gonzalez

Barbara Nechis

Lin Shaoling

Shirley Trevena

Charles Reid

Amit Kapoor

Gilles Durand

I met Gilles Durand - one of the best French watercolour artists - on two Charles Reid workshops. Shirley Trevena is one of the most acclaimed British watercolour artists while Barbara Nechis is a highly acclaimed American artist. Most of the others I don't know much about but they are on Facebook so should be traceable if they interest you.


painting in tuscany said...

Thank you for sharing, these are some of my favourite artist, and also some new, which is always nice!
Greetings from Italy, Sabine

Peter Ward said...

Thanks for comments. Appreciated. Greetings to you also. Once again we are holidaying in Italy next year at Lake Garda.

Parisbreakfasts said...

What an interesting array of artists. I'm always surprised to see what is goung on in India...stunning washes!
On another matter, after combing through your palette you have any ideas how to stop paint beading up on one's palette?
I'm testing all kinds of things including salt, sugar, even coca cola(?) if it dissolves teeth why not palette finishes a bit..?
Desperately seeking...
Cheers Carolg

Peter Ward said...

Thanks for comments Carol. As far as beading is concerned this is usually due to the surface of the palette being 'oily' for want of a better expression. I suggest cleaning it with CIF or a similar product.