Sunday 3 July 2016

Watercolour Paintings (20)

Herewith the latest batch of watercolour paintings I have collected. There are several new artists so something hopefully for everyone with some of my favourites that I make no apology for featuring, but this is perhaps more of a mixture than has gone before, with several I haven't previously come across. Certainly food for thought. I hope you like them

Janet Rogers

Akvareller (?)

Nirupam K Onwar

Charles Reid

Edo Hannema

Galina Shkoda

Jonathan Kwegvir Aggrey

Muga Popa Artwork

Gerda Mertens

Jonas Nilsson

N B Gurung

Another from N B Gurung

Orhan Gurel

Rachel Toll

Tony Belobrajdic

Virgil Carter


Zvonimir said...

It would be better Janet did not paint background in that portrait.

Indefinite backgrounds, especially behind and around faces, never work in watercolour portraits because the watercolour has no covering power oil has. Tonal depth of the background cannot be created really well and the face will look like pasted onto a flat surface.

The shadow next to chin and lady's left shoulder is especially problematic. It appears as if the face and the shoulder cast shadow, but which cannot be real shadow on the wall; the effect is that of a face hovering just half an inch in front of the imaginary background, and that, of course, is not the case here. It is a mishap because the medium cannot solve portrait problems with indefinite dark backgrounds alone.

Something else must be devised to create an illusion of depth and space; some real object in the background at the shoulder level, perhaps a table with something on it, and leave the face alone.

Adding some highlights in lady's hair would help too; then properly shape the neck and collar bones with correct brushwork; lady's right side of the neck and collar bone is too flat and her left side, under her chin, is improperly treated as three flat surfaces (no curvatures).

Peter Ward said...

Your a very demanding person Zvonimir. I don't doubt what you say but Janet Rogers is a highly acclaimed artist with thousands of fans. I shudder to think what you would say about my portraits but then I'm just a hobby painter who paints purely for relaxation. I do aspire to improve but age is starting to kick in in a big way.

Laura said...

Just goes to show some people paint for the love of the medium and it is not all about creating perfection. I like all I see here. Lovely to see some watercolourists that I have never come across. Thanks Peter

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Laura. Zvonimir is a perfectionist but most of us aren't. Glad you liked them.

Marko E. said...

Many - to me - unknown artists to explore this month, thanks Peter! The two Jonas Nilsson birds are my favourites, unspecified background and all :)