Saturday 4 June 2016

New DVD from Gerard Hendriks

A few days ago arrived in the post a copy of this new DVD from Gerard Hendriks - I think it his first. This was most unexpected but not really a surprise as I've benefited from Gerards generosity previously, as readers of the blog will know.

Animals in Watercolour - DVD - In Dutch and English (English in subtitles) 1hr 12 minutes - 29.95 euros (may be extra postage (?) to countries outside Europe) e mail enquiries to Her website is :

The first demo two blue tits

Demo in progress

This was sent to me sometime ago, again out of the blue, by Gerard and I've had it framed.

The DVD has five sections. 1 to 3 are demos, blue tits, followed by a chimpanzee and finally a cockerell. In the 4th section Gerard explains his methods again, as he talks about them throughout the paintings. The final section is a gallery of his paintings.

I'm an admirer of Gerard both as an artist and a person. Although we haven't actually met, communicating through e mails and via Facebook, he comes across as such a nice man. His work has similarities to my American guru Charles Reid, but in other ways his working methods are very different.

Gerard starts with a pencil drawing, not over detailed and using a form of contour drawing. Gerard describes his preferences in paper, brushes and paints - much of this is also detailed on the inside front cover of the DVD. He paints in three or four phases, using a hair dryer after each phase, so the paint is thoroughly dry before commencing the second phase. This he says is essential. I'd wondered how he got some of the effects I see in his paintings and now I know. I intend to try and incorporate some of his techniques in my own paintings. As far as I can see Gerard holds nothing back. He is not at all dogmatic and uses tissues, fingers, the end of the brush and anything else  he feels  necessary to produce a good painting. What you see is what you get. 

In my opinion if you like his style of painting, and he has become extremely popular, this DVD is a must.



Marko E. said...

I had the luck to attend his workshop in Germany a week ago and own the DVD myself. In my biased opinion as a big fan of Gerard's art, the demonstrations on the DVD are really the next best thing to looking over his shoulder in person. A clear recommendation.

Peter Ward said...

Yes indeed. Just like Charles Reid's videos.