Wednesday 4 November 2015

Watercolour Paintings (11)

Here for the start of November is another selection of paintings picked at random to represent what I like, in part, but also to depict the huge range of styles and differences in approach. As usual some of the artists are known but others not so well know, at least on the wider stage.With many from across the World it illustrates the wonderful array of talent out there. I hope you like them. Actually if you wish to see more look at the index in July 2014, constantly updated, as there are now many  hundreds of excellent and wide-ranging styles of watercolour paintings on this blog.

Gerard Hendriks - brilliant exponent of movement and colour, one of my favourite artists

Milind Mulick - master of complimentary colours, and much else

Another from Gerard

Morten E Solberg Snr - fabulous artist look up his website and also see his video(s) on Youtube

Another from Morten

Ann Blockley - this is her new style

Aud Rye - new to me

The terrific Catherine Rey

Another from Catherine

Cemal Sellinigil - also new to me

Chen Chung Wei - amazing painting

Gabriel Koenigs - my granddaughter loves ducks!

Girish Gujar

Igor Sava

Joseph Zbukvic - a top Australian

Michael Jasiewicz

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