Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Latest Paintings

This was painted at the AVA session last Thursday - my first attendance for three weeks - with a subject of `Flowers'. I combined the purple of the flowers with a green background so it is rooted firmly in complimentary colour. Using compliments is a good safety-first approach because, as far as colour goes, you can't really go wrong. 

Hollyhocks 16" x 12" Centenaire (Great Art) 140lb not

The main theme was purple and green - compliments. I used Daniel Smith's Quinacridone Purple (PV55), which I think is still exclusive to them. The green is Sap Green from Graham, the yellow Gold Ochre (PY43) from Winsor & Newton. There is some red, either Coral Red or Quinacridone Rose (PV19). That's about it. The purple was used in various strengths to give variation and when the initial washes were dry I added some darker colour. I think I added some Ultramarine to the purple for the very darks..

Brushes were my usual array of Isabey 6228 plus 6201 retractables in sizes from 4 to 8.

Just to finish here is a `work in progress of `Giraffes'. 

Giraffes 16" x 12" Centenaire

I will give more detail (assuming you are interested) if and when finished


JeffB said...

Peter, nice work on the flowers. Please keep us updated on the giraffe progress.

Jeff B

Peter Ward said...

Glad you like it Jeff.

Yvonne Harry said...

Look forward to seeing more of the giraffes, Peter, they are progressing well in my view.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Yvonne. finished the Giraffes yesterday at our AVA session so will post in the next few days.'

Unknown said...

Lovely colours in the giraffes.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Jan. Will be posting the final version soon. Probably a let down!

Unknown said...

Loved your giraffs!

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Daniela,