Tuesday 14 July 2015

Watercolour Paintings (6)

Another selection of watercolour paintings with a mix of artists, some old (and well-known) others new. Hope you like them. A variety of styles .

Bev Jozwiak. A slightly unusual study for her but I love it.

Cao-Bei-an - The well-known Chinese artist.

Michelle Clamp - This lady is now heavily involved in the `Facebook community `Paint Colorful Birds for Fun' .

Christian Couteau - of the very distinctive style.

Charles Reid

David Taylor - one of the leading Australians.

Dusan Djukaric - look at the placement of the figure!

Gerard Hendriks sketches

Gerda Mertens

John Singer Sargent - enough said

John Yardley - still going strong at approaching 80, although this is one of his older paintings.

Jonathan Kwegyir Aggrey - a brilliant young African artist

Kate Osborne

Kuo Hsin-i

Some of these artists like Singer Sargent and John Yardley need no introduction, neither does Gerard Hendriks, Bev Jozwiak, Cao-Bei-an, Gerda Mertens nor David Taylor. The remainder I know less about but some `googling' would undoubtedly bring more information and they are all on Facebook in some form or other. 



Louisette said...

Very wonderfull, love much the first,, greeting from Belgium in Mons


Oscar Solis said...

Good selection. I liked the one by Christian Couteau because of his use of loose line and watercolor) and decided to google him. Some of his pieces reminded me of John Palmer (now that is someone who needs a bigger presence on the web).

And, of course, Gerard Hendriks. His technique allows one to swim around in his paintings.

Peter Ward said...

Thank you retriever - greetings to you also.

Peter Ward said...

Hi Oscar Christian Couteau has a major presence on Facebook and is very prolific - there are lots of his paintings to study. His distinctive style of pen and ink combined with bright colours makes his paintings easy to identify.

Not heard anything about John Palmer lately. I don't know if he is still active.

Michele Clamp said...

Fantastic set of paintings Peter. Not least because there's one of mine in there! I'm truly honored (and extremely surprised).

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Michele. I like to include a wide range of talented artists not just those who are famous.

Yvonne Harry said...

Another nice selection Peter. Obviously really like Kate Osborne's piece (My maiden name too!)

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Yvonne. I really like that one also.