Sunday, 28 September 2014

Back to Painting - Mystery Animal

After a hiatus of several weeks with no painting, due to the accident to my hand, concerns about my eyes and other family worries I finally returned to activity last Thursday.  This was at the weekly Avon Valley Artists session with the subject of `Mystery Animal'. We had no idea beforehand what this would be but it materialized as photographs of a specific cat and dog.

We were rather light this week with only ten members present, why I don't know.

Only ten members!

Kath Wilkins at 86 our oldest member (?). That white band is a fault caused by my photography

Yvonne Harry

Jan Weeks

This is mine - the early stages

The completed work - 16" x 12" waterford High White

The large painting at bottom right is pastel.

I was slightly apprehensive after doing nothing for weeks especially as I once read you needed to paint at least thrice weekly just to stand still. On that basis I expected to regress - hor far I wasn't sure.


HanaB said...

Delighted you are back painting!

Ray Maclachlan Art said...

Good to see you back in action again, Peter. Trust you are 100% now. I do like your tones and it is so colourful.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Hana and Ray. I'm glad to be back painting.

oliwka said...

Beautiful :)
Nice blog :)

Peter Ward said...

Thank you Olivia.