Monday 1 September 2014

More Paintings

To start off September here is another selection of paintings I've picked out covering a range of subjects. Some of the artists are well-known, others less so. At the moment, due to an accident to my right hand, I'm not painting at all, although I can still two finger type. I'm afraid I'm also suffering a lack of  inspiration, probably due to the trauma of the injury which was quite a nasty one, so have nothing immediate in the pipeline other than another brush article on specialist watercolor brushes. My friend John Softly is the lead on this and it will follow in due course once received from him. 

The following are in no particular order but illustrate the varied work of some very high profile artists, and some not so well known. As usual my penchant for impressionistic paintings influenced the selection. If I've misspelt any names I do apologize.

Keest van Aalst

Viktoria Prischedko

Ilya Ibryaev

Dianne C Benoit

Virgil Carter

Milind Mullick

Alvaro Castagnet

Edward Seago

Pol Ledent

Liu Fenglen

Gerard Hendriks

Stan Miller

I hope you agree, a varied selection of high quality watercolour paintings. More to come.


Caroline said...

Dianne C Benoit. When I google I can find nothing. How can I see more of her work?

Peter Ward said...

She is on Facebook Caroline where you will find a lot of her work on her wall.

Oscar Solis said...

Nice pieces. I very much liked Ilya Ibryaev painting. It has a nice air of mystery to it. Gerard Hendriks painting is just wonderful. I love his utter fearlessness.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Oscar. I agree entirely - both superb paintings, although the others have much to commend them.

Polly Birchall said...

Great choice! Some of my favourites and new ones to look at. Thanks

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Polly for comments.

Anonymous said...

A wonderful collection, Peter!