Monday, 9 September 2013

Flower Paintings in Watercolour

Here are a selection of flower paintings in no particular order. I think - but am not certain - that they are watercolour. There are just a few of the many I've downloaded that took my eye. This should please my friend Yvonne.

Rose Marie Dubrecqu - one of my absolutely favourite flower paintings. What beautiful colours.

The German artists Lars Kruse who has studied with Gerard Hendriks

Fabrio Cembranelli - a South American artist of great talent 

Cheng Zhenwen

Liu Yi

The excellent American artist Janet Rogers

 Olivia Quinton

Yuko Nagayama -one of the most talented Japanese artists

Nicole Zeimet

Mualla Ozdemir (Turkish?)

 Tueko Sato

 I may have some of the artists names spelt incorrectly in which case I apologize. I don't think anyone would disagree, even those who don't particularly like to paint flowers, that there are some stunning paintings amongst the above. I don't know much about several of the artists featured but more information may be forthcoming if you Google them. As will be noted my preference is for the more impressionistic styles rather than botanical or super realism.

With these paintings I'm signing off for the next two to three weeks. We are moving home on the 10th and having a weeks holiday starting on the 13th. Due to this I shall be offline until Virgin Media install cable broadband and the rest in my new home on the 23rd. I certainly won't be up and running until I also get my new `studio' - another bedroom but smaller - sorted out. In the meantime good painting and I hope you enjoy the above.


Judy said...

That is a wonderful collection of flower paintings, Peter! Love them all, but nr.1 is a favourite! Thanks for sharing!

Peter Ward said...

Thanks for commenting Judy. They are a lovely set and I agree with you, the first one is my favourite.

mfshinn said...

Best of luck with your move. Maybe you could post a picture the new studio, once you're settled.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks form your good wishes mfshinn. My `new' studio, as before is a converted bedroom - or it will be when it is sorted out. I dare say I can post a photo of me sitting in it when it takes shape - but there is a way to go.

Polly Birchall said...

wonderful selection. Hope all goes smoothly with your move

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Polly. Now in new home and back online today. It will take some time for my painting to get back to normal. My `new' painting room needs considerable work before it will be ready.