Monday 19 August 2013

Beaver Tail before & after

When I posted Beaver Tail a comment by Ray was that the finished painting had lost something compared to the earlier stages. Yvonne agreed so I thought I'd play about with it and see if I could address that problem.

Beaver Tail - First version

Beaver Tail - Corrected Version.

My friend Hap from near Seattle in Oregon knows many Native Americans and always says my skin colour isn't dark enough. My `corrections' are on the crude side but that is deliberate.

The main colour loaded on was Schminke Translucent Brown (Pbr41) with some Cerulean and Ultramarine Violet PV15) either Graham or Rowney.. The Schminke is a great colour and could easily replace Burnt Sienna. What do you think? Is it better or worse. I'm not sure although I agree the first version is on the dull side.


Ray Maclachlan Art said...

Different expression, better colour though the second photo of the original blog had excellent facial features and though unfinished is still my pick.

Peter Ward said...

It's heading for the bin Ray.

Oscar Solis said...

Good Lord, don't bin it just yet. If anything just make the shadow deeper, with a harder edge. What have you to lose?

By the way, when a painting doesn't it work, do you really toss it or do you flip the paper to the other side?
Myself, if it's painted on 100% rag, I flip it over.If it's any other kind of paper it gets tossed (or rather shredded for the recycling bin).

Peter Ward said...

Hi Oscar. Thanks for commenting. It's already bitten the dust ready for recycling. It was painted on the back of another in any case! I often paint on the opposite side of failures. This is perfectly feasible on many papers. I made a mess of the mouth in the `corrected version' but tried one or two things that might help in the next (just drawn another today).

ann gorgone said...

Dear Sir: I joined your site but don't understand how to leave a message. Thank you Ann Gorgone

Peter Ward said...

Thank you for joining Ann. You seem to have left a message ok. You click on comment and then have to type in the word and numbers to guard against spam.I was forced to introduce that as spam e-mails were becoming a major problem.