Monday, 17 September 2018

Another Batch

Here are more of  my recent paintings - I usually average two per week - again I'm not suggesting they are good just my work. I tend to post initially on my Facebook page and also on the group Watercolour Addicts. I recommend Watercolour Addicts as a  source of generally  good paintings - many much better than mine. I tend to get fairly low marks regarding 'likes' with others in the dozens and even hundreds. Still I keep on trying!

Deadly Hunter 16" x 12"
I was quite pleased with this but it didn't receive many likes when I posted it.

Stone Chat 16" 12"
I liked the simplicity of this one.

Grey Wagtail 12" x 9" Fluid

Mother and son 16" x 12"

Yellow Iris 16" x 12'
Flowers for a change

Another Deadly Hunter 16" x 12"
The eyes are not quite right. I keep thinking I may try and alter them. It can be done if you are careful.

Crested Tit - 12" x 9" Fluid


Oscar Solis said...

I am really enjoying your bird paintings and I really like the weasel. I've always liked how you put just enough of the surroundings to let us know what environment they are in, but without the need to fill up the paper. I don't know if I ever mentioned it before but I've noticed you mix the colors on the paper. I'm willing to bet that there are traces of the colors used on your palette after painting instead of a gray mass. I may have missed a post on it, but how are you finding working on Fluid watercolor paper? I'm curious to give it a try myself.

Peter Ward said...

HI Oscar. Thanks as usual. I'm not over impressed with the Fluid paper. It's very similar to Bockingford. Okay but I've become accustomed to painting on cotton papers and there is a difference. My favourite remains Waterford High White. The Stonhenge Aqua is similar.

Unknown said...

Great work!

Really like the way you depicted the birds :)