Friday, 14 September 2018

Latest Paintings

Here are my latest efforts, mainly at AVA Thursday meetings, although I frequently do the drawing the previous day. I find this often works best rather than drawing and painting in one session.

Young Indian Woman 16" x 11" watercolour

Jenny Wren 16" x 11" watercolour

Molly Spotted Elk - Penobscot Tribe 1903 15" x 11"

Busy Bee (Wasp Actually) 15" x 11"

Satanta - Kiowa Chief. Stonehenge Aqua not. Likeness not good. 16" x 12"

Exotic Bird (species unknown to me) 12" x 9"

Scottish Crossbill 12" x 9" Fluid Paper

Red Cardinal. 12" 9" Fluid Paper

Wild Flower Medley - 16" 12" 

Another Flower Painting 16" x 12"


abdulMuiz Chulan said...

Nice orange...what orange is that?

would your style work on a hotpress paper?

Peter Ward said...

Transparent (or Translucent) Orange from Schmincke or Permanent Orange from Lukas. same pigment P)71. I think Daniel Smith offer it as well.

I have done a few on hot press when I was given a half used pad of Arches. You do get a different effect so it \s worth trying.

SilverMom said...

Busy Bee and the parrot are among my favorites EVER, of your work. Nicely loose, with enough detail to add sparkle. Wow.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Silvermom. As usual my paintings are a mixed bag.

Wijnruit said...

beautiful paintings :)

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Wijnruit.