Monday, 31 July 2017

Watercolour Paintings (33)

Here is the latest batch for August. They are mainly of well-known artists, many internationally known,  and considered amongst the best watercolour artists past or present. There are many others so this is only a snapshot of the best and reflects  my opinion only. Others may disagree and say why is this one or that one not included? There are so many! I think the selection of artists, in the many hundreds of paintings I've featured on the blog, is my answer with many more to come.

Trevor Chamberlain

One of the top two British watercolour artists in my opinion, although originally an oil painter.

Edward Seago
One of the most famous British artists although he produced more oils than watercolours. A friend of the Royal family who was shunned by the art establishment, riven by snobbery and the class system.

Morten Solberg Senior

A fabulous American artist. You can see him demonstrating on Youtube.

Trevor Chamberlain

Another from Trevor. One of his best in my opinion. This appeared in his book 'Trevor Chamberlain - A Personal View' not an instruction type book but very good.

Skip Lawrence

This American artist featured in the book by the late Ron Ranson about the famous (and controversial) American teacher Edgar Whitney. 

Charles Reid

Another famous American - my guru or one of them. I actually was present when he did the above demo at Urchfont House a few years ago. He was on top form that week and this painting caught the subject perfectly.

John Yardley

Another top British artist in the same category as Trevor Chamberlain. This is a typical example of his work. There have been several books about him "John Yardley - A Personal View', in the same series as the one by Trevor Chamberlain. Ron Ranson did one and Steve Hall has produced books on both of them.

David Taylor

An Australian artist who I consider one of the natural successors to the doyen of Australian watercolour artists Robert Wade

Robert Wade

Robert, a charming man, lost his wife recently and is now quite elderly. This is a painting he did some time back.

Jean Haines

A very popular artist with a large following. Not one of my favourites though. In my opinion many of her paintings are too minimalistic.

Shirley Trevena

A fabulous British artist who has written at least two books and produced a DVD(s). A big favourite of some of the lady artists in my Avon Valley group.

Hercules Brabazon

A famous artist from the older era. When I mentioned him to Charles Reid he claimed not to have heard of him. Perhaps he was having me on as Charles regularly mentions artists from Brabazons era. It is said he produced some of his best paintings in thirty minutes.

Winslow Homer

A legendary American in the same category as John Singer Sergeant 

The famous J.W.Turner

Turner is venerated by many but Charles Reid isn't a particular fan and neither am I. An I a charlatan? I saw one of his paintings, a small one, at a travelling exhibition some years ago at the Victoria Art Gallery in Bath. Each painting in the exhibition, of many well-known artists, had a foolscap sheet next to it telling about the painting. In Turners case a man described watching him paint. "Attacking the paper, scratching and bewildering the onlooker and then said 'out of this fury a lovely painting finally emerged.'

Ann Blockley

Daughter of the famous late John Blockley and a leading British watercolour artist. She has books and videos out so if you are interested.

Gerard Hendriks

A very prolific artist and utterly charming man. I love his work especialy his birds and animals. I really like this one though. Great video. Keeps nothing back.

Aine Devine

I think she's Scottish and  a terrific artist. Features on Youtube.

Gerard Hendriks.

This is great as well. Look how he uses colour.

Jean Haines

I prefer this to the previous one featured but it is still lacking (in my opinion) a bit more substance. Shirley Trevena and Ann Blockley are much better (in my opinion).

Edward Wesson

A famous and very popular British artist. Not as good as Seago in my opinion but his colouful personality went down very well with his students, and many others it seems. . The Alexander Gallery published a book about him called 'Edward Wesson - Honesty in Art'. Quite what that meant I'm not sure, The artist Steve Hall keeps the Wesson legend alive with his books and art workshops 'Painting in the style of Edward Wesson'.

That's it folks . Hope you like them.


abdulMuiz Chulan said...

Check out Ismail Kadir and Mokhtar Ishak from Malaysia

Mike Porter said...

Very nice selection, Peter. I'm also a Wesson and Seago fan, but of course like many you posted. I was fortunate to get to know Ron Ranson in his last years and studied with him. I used to tell him he was a better author and teacher than artist and he'd chuckle at that.

Ray Maclachlan said...

An excellent selection, Peter. Enjoyed seeing the old masters again. Thank you.

Peter Ward said...

As I've said Abdul there are thousands out there but I'll certainly have a look at these.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Mike. I did a couple of short courses with Ron Ranson towards the end of his career. He tended to go over the same old ground but was very entertaining. Most students though struggled
with the hake. He then moved to America with his American wife, but when he died I saw nothing in The Artist magazine that he'd died. Surprising as he undoubtedly was responsible for many people taking up watercolour.

Peter Ward said...

Glas you liked them Ray.

Caroline McKinney said...

The Charles Reid portrait is so gray. I lightened it in PS and was going to post back here but I do not see a way to insert a photo. Oh well. Thank you for your posts. Love them

Peter Ward said...

Thanks for comments Caroline. The photo I posted is pretty accurate having watched it being painted. I don't tend to 'photoshop' the paintings just warts and all.

Jan Weeks said...

A really diverse selection of watercolours. Thank you Peter

abdulMuiz Chulan said...

Hi there mr Ward...long time since your last update...hope you are well.

Peter Ward said...

Hi Abdul. Sorry I've been a bit lethargic this month. Advancing age I'm afraid

abdulMuiz Chulan said...
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Peter Ward said...

Removed your last comment by mistake Abdul - dodgy eyes. - you could always try facetime.

Elle Dechene said...

Thank you for posting these, as a beginning watercolorist this and your other posts are very educational. I've followed up with research into the various artists and particularly have been drawn to Trevor Chamberlin's work. His book 'Trevor Chamberlain - A Personal View' is on its way to me.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Elle. I’m sure you will love the book. It isn’ a ‘to do’ book but full of good tips.,: