Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Watercolour Paintings (19)

Here are the latest batch of paintings I have collected. Another very varied batch with (hopefully) something for everyone. Several of these artists are unknown to me but all are on Facebook so it should be possible to track them down if you are especially taken with any particular one or more.

NB Gurung

Yuko Nagayama

Milind Mulick

Charles Reid

Shahanoor Mamun

Carlos Santos Marques

Siriak Shepherdson

Another from Charles Reid

Morten E Solberg Snr

Pasqualino Fracasso

Gerda Mertens

Dusan Djukaric

Frank Eber

Constantin Sterkhov

Roland Palmaerts

It never ceases to amaze me how vibrant the watercolour scene is in many other countries outside Europe. It seems to me watercolour is considerably more popular and all sorts of events involving watercolour seem to be taking place. The standard is also very high.


ann @ studiohyde said...

A great selection thanks Peter.

Ray Maclachlan said...

There are some beautiful paintings here, Peter. Thank you. The mountain scenes are especially fine.

Suchi said...

These are really beautiful! Thanks for sharing Peter! :)
Suchi xx

Peter Ward said...

Thank you Ann, Ray and Suchi.

Anonymous said...

Very nice painting ! Is the first one, a view from Nepal ?

ann @ studiohyde said...

Hi Peter, just an additional comment here as I wondered if you may have thoughts on this. I bought a Winsor & Newton Professional watercolour tube the other day. Went for 'professional W&N' rather than an SAA one - RAW UMBER. I was expecting to get a paint that was on the dark side, but to my surprise it is more like a dull Raw Sienna (tinged with green but only very slightly so). Now, my question, have they got the shade wrong and don't realise, or is this something that has always been this shade and I've been buying Raw Umber before (dark shade) that has been wrong? Many thanks...ann

Peter Ward said...

Difficult question Ann. I think the shade you have for W & N Raw Umber is the one Handprint describes going back some time. Apparently shades across the earth colours do vary considerably, which is my experience also. It's a question of finding one you like and sticking to it.

Peter Ward said...

Thanks Bia. I believe it is Nepal.

ann @ studiohyde said...

I wondered that too, with all the paints I have had over the years, I have never come across one that is So Different to what one expects. Many thanks for answering my question Peter, much appreciated.

Donna Dickson said...

very interesting I just found your posts. I've been admiring NB Nurung's work on FB. I'm surprised you haven't included Alvaro Castagnet, originally from Uruguay....fantastic watercolor painter. I took a workshop with him about 10 plus years ago in Oaxaca....excellent. Donna

Peter Ward said...

Thanks for commenting Donna. I have featured at least two of Alvaro Castagnets paintings in previous posts - the next selection will be the 20th. I aim to have a mixture of the well-known and the lesser known but don't have a formula just off the cuff.