Saturday, 17 April 2021

Latest Paintings

 Here are my latest efforts, all either 16" x 12" or 11' x 15"

'Black-Tailed Godwit" 

Pueblo Man - This went down like a lead balloon.

North American Porcupine - I thought this might do better than it has.


Most of the reactions to my paintings are disappointing in that they get few likes. The exceptions are mainly Squirrels and Hares but I don't want to paint just them. There have been a few exceptions. A lot of people like to see the whole of the paper covered with paint otherwise paintings are "unfinished". I prefer  unfinished ones and try and follow my late guru Charles Reid's mantra of not finishing a painting but at a certain point just 'stop'. It suits my temperament I suppose. Of course if I had a "name"😀


Janine K. said...

You should not be disappointed in your paintings, Peter. I love them! They are fresh and spontaneous and you have a very recognizable style. That's something that comes from being natural and just painting from the heart. Many artists work so hard to achieve what you make appear to be completely effortless. :)
Your #1 fan from Across the Pond.

Janine K. said...

PS I have been following your blog for years and I'm glad you are still posting.

Peter Ward said...

Thank you for those kind comments. Much appreciated.