Sunday 8 November 2020

My Latest Paintings

Here are the latest. All 16"x12"unless otherwise stated

"The Hare has it!"

"Brer  Fox"

" Maori Elder"

The rodents worst nightmare" 15" x 11"

"Aborigine Man"

"Blue Tit and Blossom"
14: x 10

12" x 9"


hap said...

Peter, I think you've found a bit (well quite a bit MORE than a bit) of magic with your animal portraits! Amazing work!! The Hare looks angry enough to be the March Hare of Alice fame, The fox is slyly looking for a way into the henhouse and wise old owl is sadly looking on in silent judgment! Anyone would be proud to give these beauties wall space!! I'd love to see more of your wildlife efforts!! Six stars out of five for these!!

Peter Ward said...

Wow! Compliments indeed. Thanks Hap. I do my best but am aware of my limitations. Apart from abject failures - of which I still have a few - all my work appears either on my Facebook page or on my blog.

hap said...

We all have our failures to deal with! The artist in us always tries for perfection, never achieves it, and often only sees our mistakes in every painting we produce. I know I have my share of clinkers, and I've never made a watercolor yet that I did not see something I would change! I enjoy looking at the works of others, we all see things differently and I find that incredibly inspiring! Hopefully I will keep learning as I paint as that is where the real challenge lies! I'm currently hip deep in my 2020 Christmas card project and THAT is always an emotional roller coaster for me! My wife has to decide which painting will be the "one" for this year's card...all I ever see are my mistakes and errors in each of them!

Peter Ward said...

A Philosopher Hap !Keep them coming.